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5 Ways To Melt Snow In An Eco-Friendly Way

Safe Ice Melt For Concrete

Winter is here, and snow has fallen in many parts of the country. Snow can be beautiful, but it can also be inconvenient when you have to shovel your way out the door or shove your car into a mountain of the white stuff. If you need help finding an eco-safe ice melt here are five eco-friendly methods:

Fill a bucket with hot water and pour it on the sidewalk.

Fill a bucket with hot water and pour it on the sidewalk. You can either keep the bucket handy in the house or if you have a few of them, place them outside. Then, when you see snowfall coming down, just rush outside with your trusty bucket and shovel out some space for yourself to work. Pour the hot water over the sidewalk and watch as it melts away!

Eco-Friendly Ice Melt

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Use Safe Thaw- A eco-safe ice melt

Using Safe Thaw is one of the fastest ways to melt ice. Safe Thaw is safe for use around children and pets, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

This eco-safe ice melt comes in a bag with granules inside; simply sprinkle them onto a frozen sidewalk or driveway (or even freeze them in plastic bottles), then let nature do its work! It’s biodegradable too so there’s no need to worry about any damage being done by this product when used properly.

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Pour Boiling Water Into A Channel You’ve Made Using Ice Choppers.

It’s not the most glamorous of snow-melting methods, but it’s fairly easy to pull off:

Gaia Enterprises Inc. delivers 100% pet-safe and environmentally friendly winter products. Safe Paw, our flagship product, is the #1 selling pet-safe ice melt that does not harm pets, safe if ingested, and safe on all types of concrete.

To make your own ice chopper, you’ll need a shovel and some sturdy wire or twine (for example, a fishing line). First, cut a circle into the ground about 2 feet wide and 1 foot deep. Next, get your fishing line ready and tie it around the head of your shovel at about waist height. Now you’re ready to start chopping!

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

You Can Also Shovel It Up And Reuse The Snow Around Your Plants (As Long As They’re The Kind That Like Cool Weather).

You can also shovel up the snow and reuse it around your plants (as long as they’re the kind that like cool weather). Snow is a great insulator, so you can use it to protect plants from frost. You can even use the snow as an ice rink for kids or make a snowman!


Hopefully, you’ve learned some new ways to melt snow without harming your yard or the environment. If you have any other suggestions for eco-safe ice melt, please let us know in the comments below!

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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