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Why Your Business Needs A Pet Safe Ice Melt Bulk?


As a business owner or a property manager, we sift through multiple old and new products introduced in the market to maintain concrete surfaces every winter. But is it also vital to purchase pet-safe ice melt bulk products for commercial properties? We often come across this question and would love to bring some clarity around it.

pet-safe ice melt bulk

So, Does Your Business Need A Pet-Safe Industrial Strength Ice Melt?

As a commercial property, more often than not, we tend to use products that are either readily available or reasonably cheap. We even end up employing the services of professional snow removal companies. But there is a thin line between safety and a good product. In addition, not all products are great for the environment, including our pets.

Other Ice Melt Products

Traction Magic Ice Melt Spreader

Traction Magic

Stay safe on slippery surfaces with a product that’s 100% natural and safe for pets, people, and your property. Use Traction Magic on sidewalks, steps, or as instant traction for your car. Traction Magic provides instant traction on all icy surfaces.

Safe Paw Pet Safe Ice Melter

Safe Paw

Imagine an ice melt you can put down and never worry about. It won’t harm animals or children, and it won’t damage your property. That’s Safe Paw. Unlike anything else on the market, Safe Paw can change how winter affects our planet.

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