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How To Treat And Prevent Ice Dams

Safe Pet Ice Melter Ingredients

There is nothing more troublesome than icy winters that cause injuries and structural damage, from deicing sidewalks to melting ice dams. However, you can now make your winters far easier with safe pet ice melter ingredients available in the market.

Besides deicing roads, sidewalks, pathways, and stairs, we also need to pay attention to ice dams that can prove expensive in the long run. 

What Are Ice Dams? 

Frozen water in the form of icicles on gutters, shingles, storm drains around the roof of your house are called ice dams. These ice dams, if not treated well, can turn out costly as the season ends. 

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Why Are They Bad? 

  • They can rip off gutters and loosen shingles. 
  • It can cause leakage and seepage on the ceiling. 
  • If not treated on time, it can cause water to back up and come into your house.
  • It can cause warped floors, peeling off paint, soggy walls, and the formation of mildew and mold. 
  • Damages insulation in the attic. 

They are not only ugly to look at but are harmful to your health. Mold and mildew can cause skin irritation and rashes in some people. 

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How Can We Prevent Ice Dams? 

While they form quickly, ice dams can be prevented with proper pre-planning and professional contractors, in a few cases. 

Heated cables– You can use heated underlying cables spread in a zigzag pattern that will allow you to equalize the roof’s temperature by heating it from outside rather than only blowing cold air from the inside.

Deicers– You can spread deicers such as Safe Paw along the gutters and roof before the snowfalls. It will prevent snow accumulation and make it easier for you to rake the snow once the snow has settled. However, it will not allow it to stick to the surface. 

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Seal and insulate ducts– You can seal and insulate ducts along the joints of your HVAC system and cover them entirely with foil-faced fiberglass. 

Rake it– Ice dams usually form with a constant accumulation of uncleared snow. If you see ice dams, rake them with soft roof rakes but not hard garden rakes as it might damage the roof surface

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Does kosher salt melt ice? 

Kosher salt, table salt, or sea salt will melt ice because of its exothermic reaction with salt and snow. It reduces the freezing point of water, thus making it more useful. However, it is not entirely safe for your roof as it will leave a whitish residue and cause cracks on asphalt and brick with the constant freeze/thaw cycle. 


While there are several alternates in the market, Safe Paw is one of the best options available. With safe pet ice melter ingredients, it does not damage your concrete or brick; it is not affected by the freeze/thaw cycle, does not damage your landscape and foliage, and does not block your storm drains and gutters. 

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