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How To Prevent Concrete From Road Salt Damage

Concrete-friendly Ice Melt

Salt can harm concrete, especially if it is very new. In the winter, it’s at risk of becoming weaker and more vulnerable to damage from sub-freezing temperatures and de-icing salts like sodium chloride road salt. De-icing salts worsen the freeze-thaw cycle’s impact on concrete, making it more susceptible to cracking. Cracked concrete also means you’ll have to spend more money to repair or replace it next spring. The most crucial measure you can take to protect your concrete from winter damage begins even before the temperatures drop and using concrete-friendly ice melt. It is worthwhile to invest in high-quality concrete, from mixing to installation to sealant and curing.

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Some Tips To Prevent Your Concrete From Rock Salt Damage During Winter:

1-Concrete with a minimum compressive strength is recommended; the stronger the concrete, the better it will withstand the force of expanding water.

2-When water freezes and expands, water can enter the microscopic entrained air spaces in air-entrained concrete, reducing strain on the concrete pores and capillaries.

3-At the site, do not add water to the concrete mix. Get professional concrete mixers and pourers to do the job for you.

4-Keep any drainage covers clear around concrete so that rain and meltwater may drain correctly instead of pooling and sitting on concrete surfaces throughout the winter.

5-Using a metal blade to plow snow on concrete is not a good idea. Instead, remove snow with a rubber or vinyl-edged blade. Instead of using metal shovels to remove snow from concrete, use a plastic shovel. To protect a concrete driveway from snow blowing, use a snowblower with plastic or vinyl shoes.

6-To avoid any collected de-icing salts from getting onto your driveway, remove any extra snow build-up on your wheels or falling snow from your wheel wells after parking your vehicle.

7-In the winter, concrete-friendly ice melt can be used instead of de-icing salts to keep your concrete from freezing.

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Concrete-friendly Ice Melt

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Concrete Sealing Before The Winter

Apply a concrete sealant to your concrete before winter arrives to prevent winter damage. If winter has already begun and you haven’t yet sealed your concrete, keep an eye out for a day when it is dry and free of snow and ice so you can seal it before the worst of the winter arrives.

During the winter, a concrete sealer can prevent water absorption in concrete, avoiding the damaging effects of the freeze-thaw cycle paired with de-icing salts.

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In the Spring, Deal With Damage

There are numerous ways to repair your concrete in the spring, depending on the extent of the damage. You can have the loose, flaky material removed if there is only superficial damage, such as spalling on the surface. After that, you can add an overlay.

The design can be seen through an overlay by using a narrow cross-section for decorative concrete. Stamped overlays can also be used to repair damaged stamped concrete.

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To withstand the pressure of freezing water and sodium chloride road salt, look for compressive strength and air entrainment qualities.

After a particularly harsh winter with intense temperatures and plenty of snow and ice storms, this situation has become all too prevalent for many houses. You can have peace of mind by using a water-repellent concrete sealant and avoiding de-icing salts.

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