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How To Apply Ice Melt Products On Icy Surfaces Correctly?

Environment Friendly Ice Melt Near Me

We’ve all been there: you wake up early on a winter morning or come home late after work, only to find —your sidewalk, your driveway, your patio—has turned icy and treacherous.

While ice melt products are effective for maintaining and restoring safe surfaces in the winter months, it’s crucial to understand how these products work to get the most out of them. Stop making Google queries like ‘ice melt near me’. This will be the last article on this topic you’ll read.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute.

Ice melter is a good idea for surfaces that get a lot of traffic, such as sidewalks and driveways. It’s also a good idea for places that are hard to shovel or even plow.

But remember: you have to apply the product before there’s any ice in order for it to work in the most efficient manner.

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Avoid Wasting Money On Cheap Ice Melt.

Most people search on the internet for’ ice melt near me’ and purchase the cheapest ice melt. The cheapest ice melt available is actually the most expensive ice melt you can buy. It doesn’t work as well as it should, it does not last long, and if you are looking for an environmentally friendly product, this may not be the best choice. 

Cheap products contain harmful chemicals such as calcium chloride or potassium chloride that can damage your concrete or asphalt driveway over time. Therefore, in the long run, these are pricey solutions.

Gaia Enterprises Inc. delivers 100% pet-safe and environmentally friendly winter products. Safe Paw, our flagship product, is the #1 selling pet-safe ice melt that does not harm pets, safe if ingested, and safe on all types of concrete.

Make sure you use your ice melt/rock salt products/ homemade de-icer safely and efficiently.

Take the time to read the instructions. It is critical not only for determining quantity but also for ensuring safety and application. Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and goggles are recommended for various ice melts, such as calcium or magnesium chloride. Consider the warnings about where the product should be used. It will help you determine the right amount and the correct way of using the ice melt.

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How Much Ice Melter Do I Need To Use?

How much ice melter you need to use depends on the size of the area you need to clear. The larger the area, the more ice melt you will probably need. On average, expect to use anywhere from 2-3 lbs per 100 square feet. The more ice melter you use, the faster your ice will melt!

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Properly Clean And Remove Ice Melt

In order to properly apply ice melt to icy surfaces, you must first remove any excess ice melt by using a shovel or broom. The goal is to remove the extra product that has not yet melted or dispersed. Once this is complete, you are ready for the application of the new product!

To avoid sweeping ice melt into streets and other areas where it may cause harm, it is very important that you do this in front of your house only (if applicable).

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


Ice melt is an essential tool for winter safety. How you use it can have a significant impact on your budget and the environment. If you need help deciding which ice melt is best for you, contact me to speak with a rock salt expert today!

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