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Go Green Ice Melting / Snow Melting The Safe Way


Winter is quickly approaching and snow and ice will pose a problem to homeowners, especially those who have pets or young children. Ice and snow can cause falls, which can be severe, and may require specialized attention, so it is always a good idea to have an ice melter solution on hand that will prevent any unwanted accidents.

Current Products & The Environment

The biggest problem facing homeowners is that most commercial ice melting products contain salts that may be damaging to the environment, and are unhealthy for pets and children. These products also damage your deck and driveway after prolonged use, creating stains and weakened materials, which may cost you a good amount of money to fix. All that changes when you use SafePaw, an environmentally friendly product that will not harm your pets or kids.

Environmentally Safe Ice Melting / Snow Melting

SafePaw is an innovative way to melt ice and snow in a safe and environmentally healthy manner, which won’t damage or stain your deck, or your asphalt or concrete driveway, and can even be used on plants and grass without any adverse effects. It has a dual effect, which uses the natural heat of the sun to melt ice and snow, while placing a special coating on the areas to which it is applied, which will prevent ice and snow from sticking to those surfaces for three days, making your shoveling duties easier.

Increased Traction For Vehicles

The product contains a traction agent, which prevents any slips and other accidents, helping you walk securely on the surfaces it has been applied to; and does not damage the tires on your vehicle, saving you money and time. It is also highly concentrated, which means that a small amount will go a long way towards helping you get rid of ice and snow.

Preventative Care

As a preventive measure, you can apply it to your driveway and other areas surrounding your home before it starts snowing, which will form a barrier that prevents ice from forming under the accumulation, making shoveling easier and less time consuming. If black ice has already formed on your driveway, make sure you scratch it a bit before applying the product, to help it work faster and better.

No Harmful Salts

Because it does not contain harmful salts, it can be used on gutters, rooftops, stairways, and other areas you wouldn’t normally salt for fear of damage, and is available to purchase at hardware stores, pet supply stores, and even veterinarian offices in the cold states where winter precipitation is to be expected.

No Slips & Falls

Winter may be around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with slips and falls. You can melt ice and snow the safe way, while helping the environment, and keeping your children and pets secure by using SafePaw, the most effective alternative to traditional ice melting methods.

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