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Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt Products


One of the most overlooked dangers presented to pets during the winter is harsh salt on the bottom of their feet. Most cat and dog people love their pets unconditionally and would never buy anything to hurt them. When they buy a harsh salt to melt the ice and snow in their driveway, they never think about the repercussions to their beloved pet. Here are 5 Pet Safety Winter Weather Tips.

Most Ice Melt Products Are Dangerous

The majority of ice and snow melting products are effective but dangerous. The harsh chemicals and the overabundance of salt is almost guaranteed to cause pain and damage to your pet’s paws. It can cause interdigital cysts between the toes, dry out the paw pads and cause a hot spot, or even increase the odds of the skin peeling off, all which require a costly vet visit. This can all be avoided if you simply make the conscious effort to buy ice melt pet friendly products. This will be one of the best decisions that you make.

Alternative – Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt Products

No one wants to hurt their children or their pets with a simple item that is supposed to make life easier. Safe Paw is environmentally safe, contains no salt, and is both pet and child friendly. This product makes it possible for your pet and your child to go outside and safely play in the snow and can give you peace of mind. It’s safe to use on your deck, concrete, pavers, asphalt, and will not leave behind annoying or embarrassing stains. Salt, on the other hand, is harsh. It leaves marks on your driveway or walkway, and can hurt your pets.

Love Your Pets

We all love our pets and want what is best for them, with Americans spending over $41 billion per year on them. We buy them the best toys, the best foods, and take them to groomers. We dress them up for costume contests and we take them on vacation with us. We don’t want to cause them harm or pain. It’s our responsibility as a pet owner to buy the best possible products that will protect them. Even in the case of ice melt pet friendly products, we have to make the right decision. We want them to be happy and healthy. Since our pets can’t speak, we have to speak for them. We have to insure that they are safe and comfortable. They can’t tell us that their paws hurt because they stepped on chunky and painful rock salt, so we can’t put them in that position. We have to be proactive and simply head to the store and buy environmentally safe products.

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