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What Does Winter Do To Your Dog’s Paws

Dog Safe Ice Melt - Safe Paw

Winters are undoubtedly challenging for both dogs and humans. Winter temperatures can be hazardous to your pet’s health, especially their paws. Snow and ice can cause frostbite in your dog and cause their paw pads to dry up, leaving them chapped or damaged. Cracked soles can be aggravating and uncomfortable. 

Not only are the elements dangerous, but sidewalk salt and chemicals can create chemical burns. To avoid pet injuries, some pet owners use homemade ice melt for sidewalks and walkways. But these homemade solutions are neither effective nor entirely safe for pets.

Winter Grooming

This winter, grooming is a vital aspect of keeping your four-legged friend’s paws healthy. Trim the hair between the paw pads and around the feet if your dog has long hair. It prevents the formation of ice balls, removes road salt and chemicals picked up while walking, and makes cleaning and applying moisturizing balm easier. 

Remember to keep your dog’s nails cut throughout the year, especially in the winter. Long nails can allow irritants to get between the pads.

Pet Friendly Ice Melt

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Avoid Salt

It involves avoiding locations that are highly slushy or salty on your walks. Calcium chloride and sodium chloride, two commonly used ice deicers, can be harmful to paws. The chloride-based salts are toxic and highly corrosive. By using a deicer safe for concrete and pets, you can drastically reduce winter hazards.

If you are in charge of removing snow from outside your house, make sure to use pet-friendly ice melters and encourage your neighbors to do the same. There are ice melts that are chloride-free, natural, and safe for pets and plants. When you use this deicer safe for concrete and pets, you can enjoy your winter without worrying about your furry friend’s safety and concrete damage.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Keep Paws Tidy 

After a stroll, thoroughly wash and dry your dog’s paws, paying special attention to the area between its toes. It will remove any deicing chemicals from your dog’s paws. Take advantage of this opportunity to check your pet’s paws for cracks or redness. After cleaning the paw, apply a paw balm or petroleum jelly to relieve inflammation and alleviate dryness. Avoid using human moisturizers on your pet’s soles since they can soften them and make them more vulnerable to harm.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Reduce Bathing Time 

While it is crucial to keep your pet’s feet clean, bathing them too frequently in the winter is unnecessary. The removal of essential oils by frequent washing can cause your dog’s skin to dry out. If you need to bathe your dog during the winter, contact your doctor for moderate moisturizing shampoo advice. 

Protective Paws 

Dog boots can help reduce contact between your dog’s feet and dangerous substances, even if your dog doesn’t like them. Another approach is to apply paw balm or petroleum jelly to your dog’s paw pads to form a protective coating. You can wash your dog’s paws afterward to ensure that it does not lick any chemicals that have remained on its paws.

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Winter weather might be unpredictable, but that does not mean you and your pet have to stay inside! By using a safe ice melt, you can keep your dog happy and healthy while trudging through the cold, snow, and ice. 

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