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Surviving Early Springtime: Tips For Protecting Your Trees And Plants From Snow And Ice Melt Damage

Plant Safe Ice Melt
Winter landscape of country fields and roads in the snow

As the winter months give way to early spring, it’s important to protect your landscape and plants from potential damage caused by snowstorms and ice melt products. Traditional ice melters contain salt, which can dehydrate plants and damage roots, ultimately leading to plant death. Additionally, early spring snowstorms can take a toll on trees in the metro area. To safeguard your plants and landscape, it’s recommended to use a pet-friendly and plant-safe ice melt product such as Safe Paw and follow expert tips for navigating early spring weather. In this article, we’ll discuss tips for protecting your plants and trees from winter weather damage, including how to safely use ice melt products and navigate springtime snowstorms.

MINNEAPOLIS — After last week’s snow and ice storm, clean-up continues across the Twin Cities.

Xcel said about 280,000 customers across Minnesota and Wisconsin were impacted. While power has been restored to most of them, homeowners are still dealing with downed trees and branches.

“Two doors down from us there was a huge branch in our neighbor’s yard,” said Sue Kloker. “It just barely missed a car and apparently there was another one nearby.”

Looking Ahead: In Minneapolis, you don’t have to go very far to find the aftermath of a spring snowstorm. Mother Nature’s version of April Fool’s Day and neighborhood trees were the brunt of the joke.

Source: CBS NEWS

Why Traditional Ice Melters Can Be Harmful

Due to the recent early spring snowstorm, it’s important to protect your landscape and plants from the potential harm caused by ice melt products. Using traditional ice melters can cause damage to plants and trees due to their salt content. This salt can dehydrate plants and cause damage to roots, which can ultimately lead to plant death.

The Solution: Safe and Plant-Friendly Ice Melt Products

To avoid this, it’s recommended to use a pet-friendly and plant-safe ice melt product such as Safe Paw. Safe Paw is a non-toxic, salt-free ice melter that is safe for pets and won’t damage plants or concrete surfaces.

Tips For Applying Ice Melt Products Safely

When applying Safe Paw or any ice melt product, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply it sparingly. This will help prevent excess product from entering nearby plants and trees.

Protecting your landscape and plants from ice melt damage is important for maintaining their health and beauty. Using a safe and plant-friendly product like Safe Paw is a great way to ensure your plants stay healthy while still keeping your walkways and driveways safe during the winter months.