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Safe Step Ice Melt vs Safe Paw Ice Melt – The Best Ice Melting Product


There are different companies that manufacture some of the best ice melt products. Talking about two such that are ruling the market is Safe Step ice melt and Safe Paw ice melt. The common feature of this product is both are designed with better technology, good ingredients and are value for money. However, if you are confused on which option to go for, then you can certainly differentiate between the two and make the decision. When winter strikes, choose the right brand of ice melter so that you can have safe sidewalks and driveways too. Check out the best products and make your decision accordingly.

Benefits to know:

  • Safe Paw ice melt is known for ideal performance and comes with the guidance for better understanding.
  • It is suitable for all weather conditions and is entirely a natural product. Besides, it works best on concrete and is not corrosive to metal.
  • If you compare it with Safe Step, Safe Paw melts the ice faster.
  • Safe Paw; the name itself states that it is specially designed for pets, children, and to maintain a good environment.
  • It works better than the salt based product. Besides its dual effect compound gives the results that stay for quite a long time.

Steps of Using Safe Paw:

  1. Being highly concentrated, Safe Paw is highly effective. It is pretty simple to use.
  2. Spread it before the precipitation of winter or after. Thus, there will be a barrier that will ensure that ice will not bond to the surface.
  3. The result stays good for 3 days. In case you find any ice being accumulated, do not chip away underlying ice while shoveling.
  4. The crystal core present in it, penetrates and de-stabilizes the ice.

Tips to follow:

  • Safe Paw ice melt being a natural product is safe for pets and children and can be used directly.
  • Follow the guidelines well before you start using this product to get faster results and use it in the right manner.
  • Compare the prices for both the products along with the quality and client reviews and then decide of which option to go for.

The best part is both products gives good results even though one works better than the other and is designed to melt the ice even at the low temperature. However, look for the one which gives accurate application and how conveniently you can use it. This will help you melt the ice in a much safer way.

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