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Natural Ice Melters Alternative Ice Melt


When winter arrives, bringing sleet, snow, and ice, it also brings many hazards for those with pets. First, of course, is that it can be very dangerous to be walking outside in those conditions because of the increased danger of falling. It’s true that there are a great many ice melting products as a solution. Unfortunately, almost all of them contain salt, which is actually quite harmful to your pets, children and the environment.

The only really safe way to reduce the dangers of snow and ice, without risking damage to animals, people and homes, is to use natural ice melters like SafePaw. The less salt they contain the better and the ones with no salt at all like SafePaw, are the best. They will offer protection to:


Anyone who has walked their dogs in a big city neighborhood after the road has been salted can tell you how painful it can be to pets. The salt pellets get stuck to their paws and coats. Then once they are back indoors, the higher temperatures cause the pellets to melt, the salt burning the skin and possibly causing ulcers.

Oftentimes, dogs will lick the pellets, which can result in severe gastritis. Anyone of these problems will mean trips to the vet. And while that is a drain on time and finances, the real harm is the unnecessary suffering of beloved pets.


Children will have problems, as well, if they encounter these pellets while playing in the snow. Touching their eyes afterward will cause irritation, and they may possibly develop severe skin conditions from contact with the salt. Even worse, children may accidentally ingest the pellets, which can cause stomach problems and possibly even kidney damage.


Additionally, once the snow melts, the leftover salt can cause irreparable damage to building materials used in driveways, decks, and homes. Wood, asphalt, concrete and pavers are all vulnerable to permanent damage. Plus, having it tracked into houses may ruin carpets, floors, and rugs. Nothing and no one is safe from the damage that can be caused by interaction with excessively salted products.


Of course, the toxic substance left after the snow melts will then be washed into rivers, lakes, and streams, harming the wildlife which lives within. And along the way, it will burn grass, erode soil, kill plants and the birds who feed on them.

Most people are not aware of the dangers presented by the salt in most commercial ice melters. Many people with pets, who are aware of the problem, don’t realize that there is a solution. But there are products available which contain greatly reduced amounts of salt, and at least one that has no salt whatsoever.

Another feature which some of these more natural ice melters offer is making the pellets in a color other than white. This way, they are distinguishable from both the snow and ice, as well as any heavily salted ice melter pellets which may be nearby.

Finally, there is an alternative to heavily salted products, the gentler natural ice melt: Safe Paw

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