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I Bought Ice Melt In Bulk And THIS Happened

buy ice melt in bulk

Winters are unpredictable. So, as a forward-looking business enterprise, you must have a good ice melt on hand. Planning and buying ahead goes a long way in saving your money, time, effort, and avoiding unfortunate incidents of slip and fall. 

You can easily order your ice melt in bulk and save yourself from the winter woes brought by snow and ice throughout the winter months. So, let’s find out how bulk buying of ice melt before the beginning of the season will help you.

Why do businesses need to buy ice melt in bulk?

As a business enterprise, you are responsible for keeping your premises free from snow and ice throughout the season. Apart from that, you have to safeguard yourself from liabilities arising from slip and fall incidents.

Ice melt provides you with an efficient way to remove slippery ice and snow. Unlike rock salt, it is safe for your concrete, parking areas, walkways, vehicles, and machinery. Ice melt is less corrosive and environmentally safe than rock salts.

If you decide to buy ice melt in bulk, you will get a good deal and will save your trip to a nearby store during a storm.

When to buy ice melt in bulk?

Ice melts have a long shelf life, and you can buy them early in the winter or even in the summer to avoid running out. Moreover, you’ll possibly receive a better deal. You can also save money by purchasing salt in the spring when many businesses want to clear out their stock.

How to store your Ice melt?

Open bags of ice melt should be kept away from moisture, air, and sunlight in airtight containers. Ice melt based on magnesium chloride and calcium chloride is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from the air. Make sure that bags are properly sealed. As exposed ice melt absorbs moisture causing the product to harden. 

If you have any unopened products at the end of the season, you can also store them for the next season. However, to prevent bags from becoming brittle from ultraviolet radiation and provide an extra layer of protection, wrap the ice melt bags in an extra layer and put them in airtight containers. 

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How much ice melt is needed?

There are a few significant elements to consider when determining how much ice melt you will need. The following are a few of them: 

  • Size of your property 
  • The terrain of your area
  • Temperature range
  • Expected snowfall
  • Weather conditions in general

You can get around 80 cups of ice melt from a 50-pound bag. One cup will work on approximately 20 square feet of ice. Hence, one bag of your industrial ice melt will cover around 1600 square feet.


There are several critical aspects that you need to consider before making your bulk buy of ice melt. Your ice melt should have speed and effectiveness at different temperatures. It is advisable to have an ice melt with color tinting for uniform application. To keep your visitors, grounds, and facility safe this winter, be sure you have the ice melt materials you need in advance.

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