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How To Melt Ice In Philadelphia: Tips And Techniques For Safe And Effective Ice Removal

How To Melt Ice Without Salt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Spring officially begins in about a week, but winter is proving it’s not finished with us just yet! A major late-season snowfall takes aim at the Poconos early this week and we’ll feel impacts in the city and suburbs as well. 

A NEXT Weather Alert will be in effect from Monday night into Tuesday afternoon with this storm. 

It’s a complex setup as we watch an area of low-pressure move offshore from the Carolinas late tonight and start to make its way up the coast. Similar to Friday night’s storm, it will strengthen offshore, but this one is expected to stick around longer and grow stronger just offshore, leading to a prolonged period of impacts starting Monday morning and continuing through Wednesday.


In this article, we’ll discuss some tips you can follow to make your winter easier for the next two days.

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Effective Tips to Make Winter More Easier

Remove Or Melt Ice Dams From Your Roof

It is common for water to freeze, melt, and then refreeze resulting in the creation of ice dams on the roof. This can be a risky situation as ice dams can cause leaks and weaken the roof. 

A reliable way to deal with this problem is to add insulation to your attic so that this icy cold water cannot seep in.

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Make Sure To Clean Gutters And Pipes

This might not sound like a big deal but it can make a huge difference. Ending up with blocked gutters or pipes can be very troublesome as it can lead to flooding, which is not only costly to deal with but also damaging to the structure of your property.

The key lies in clearing your gutters and pipes before the snow season as they’ll have to work hard once it begins to snow. Also, ensure that gutters take water in the right direction; it should be at a distance of 10 feet or more from the foundation.

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Take Care Of Your Lawn

Take steps to protect your shrubs and trees to ensure they soldier through the weather.

Do not make the mistake of pruning trees or adding fertilizers during the snow season as it encourages growth, which a tree might not be able to handle due to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, you can use anti-desiccant to lock water into bushes and trees.

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Make Sure Your Vehicle Tires Are In Good Shape

Make sure your tires have enough tread. When driving on snow and ice, poor tires will not grip. If you reside in a snowy area, you might consider switching to winter tires with deeper tread. If the weather is poor, you may want to consider using snow socks or perhaps snow chains.

Purchase Safe Snow Melt Products

Make sure to purchase products that are safe for everyone. As odd as it may sound, some ice melt, especially those that contain magnesium chloride and sodium chloride, can cause allergies, burns, and blisters. In fact, they’re believed to increase the risk of certain illnesses in both humans and pets.

Look at the labels and stay away from products that contain harmful chemicals.

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