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How Cold Is Too Cold To Walk The Dog In Winter

Ice Melt That Doesn't Hurt Concrete & Pets

Many dog owners are questioning if it’s too chilly for their canines to be outside as winter approaches. There are techniques to keep them safe and warm as the temperature drops. Pet owners have more alternatives than ever before, from sensitive paw boots to specialist dog jackets to dry nose balms. There are ways to keep your pets away from hazardous chemicals of ice melt. By using urea as ice melt, you are free from toxic salt worries. It is a safe ice melt that doesn’t hurt concrete and pets.

How Cold Is Too Cold For My Dog?

Your dog needs to go for walks, but the colder it gets, the riskier it becomes for your canine buddy. When is it too chilly to take your dog for a walk? It depends on your four-legged friend’s age, weight, size, fitness level, breed, and coat. 

Dogs, especially smaller varieties, are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. It does not even have to be below freezing for this to happen; temperatures as low as 40°F can have the same effect. Larger dogs may be safe for a little longer, but you should still be cautious.

Wind chill distorts the perception of the outside temperature. Wind can also pierce the insulating coat, reducing its capacity to stay warm. So, before you go outside, check the temperature with a wind chill. A walk could be a lot more painful for your dog if it is snowing or sleeting.

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Safety Tips For Your Furry Friend

A water-resistant coat is recommended for dogs who are prone to chilly temperatures, such as small breeds and dogs with short hair or little body fat. 

To avoid hypothermia or frostbite, limit the amount of time your dog spends outside. Keep an eye out for symptoms of exposure in your pet. Whining, shivering, worried behaviors, slowing down are all danger signs. If you see these indicators when walking your dog outside, bring him inside immediately.

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Allowing your dog to eat snow is not a good idea. Not only may lowering body temperature be problematic, but the snow could also contain deadly substances or hidden things. If swallowed, the hazardous ice melts used as ice melt can be fatal to your pets. The toxin-free urea as ice melt is a good choice for pets. You can use 100% pet friendly ice melts like Safe Paw that doesn’t hurt concrete and your pet’s paws and is also very effective in removing the treacherous layer of slippery ice.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

When you are outside, keep your dog on a leash. As tempting as it may be to let your pet play through the snowdrifts, those drifts could hide a variety of hazards, and unleashed dogs are also more likely to rush onto frozen bodies of water and fall through the ice. When possible, walk on clear sidewalks to lessen the risk of stumbling into concealed dangers.

Booties or rubber boots intended for dogs protect paws from salt and other irritants, as well as from tracking through harmful chemicals. You can also use a protective wax-based lotion. The chloride-free and natural ice melt will be a huge advantage when it comes to pet safety.


You may be well-prepared with a coat, hat, gloves, and scarf, but your dog has to face the winter hazards differently. By using a pet-safe ice melt like Safe Paw and winter care, you can ensure a happy winter season for your pet.

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