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Having A Pet-Safe Holiday Season?

Safe Paw Pet Friendly Ice Melter

The new year is here, accompanied by a bundle of exciting activities like shopping, entertaining, family gatherings, cooking, and so on. This year add one more activity to your fun list and, that is stress-free merriness with your furry family members. With all the vibrancy of the new year comes the onus of keeping your pets safe in snowy cold weather during celebrations. You should be aware of your pet’s cold tolerance as it varies from pet to pet. It depends on several factors like-their fur, body fat stores, activity level, age, and health. You should also not forget that Loud noises, large gatherings, unfamiliar surroundings, and change in the day to day routine can cause stress and anxiety in your pets.

Ice Melt Pet Safe

Safe Paw Concrete Safe Ice Melter

Safe Paw

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By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your four-footed friends remain safe and warm this winter.

Keep Them Sheltered:

There is a common belief that cats and dogs have furry coats, so they are resistant to cold weather. But it is untrue they can also suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. Long-haired and thick-coated dog breeds like huskies are more tolerant of cold weather, but still, no pet should be kept outside for a long duration in cold weather. Moreover, the firework is a major part of the New Year celebration. Keep your pets indoors during the time of fireworks.

Settle For An Ice Melt That Is Pet Safe:

Apart from the fireworks, snow can also harm your pet. The accumulation of ice and harmful ice melt chemicals in between toes can irritate your pets. 

Ice melt is among the most common snow removal techniques. Most of the ice melt contain harmful chemicals. Ice melt toxicity occurs when your pet walks on areas where ice melt is applied and then lick their paws or eat the snow mixed with ice melt. 

Chloride is the main component of most of the ice melt available in the market, and it can cause skin irritation, kidney failure, and gastrointestinal upset. Rock salt, which is the most commonly used ice melt, can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and extreme tiredness in your dogs and cats. The sharp edges of salt crystals can also injure the paws of your pets.

Hence, it is best to opt for an ice melt that is pet safe. But be careful while making a final choice, because a majority of the ice melt that claims to be pet safe contains rounder particles of the same chemicals used in other ice melt. 

An ice melter that is pet safe would not contain salt, chlorine, or acetate-based solutions. 

Clean Their Feet And Wrap Them Up:

Check your pet’s paw regularly for cracked paw pads and bleeding. The accumulation of ice and harmful ice melt chemicals in between toes can irritate your pets. Even the leftover food and firework debris can cause injury to your pet. Clean their paw pads and legs by using lukewarm water and a towel after every outing. You can choose booties for their paws, but make sure that they fit well.

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