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Commercial Ice Melt Is MORE Than Salt: Full Story

Ice Melt Safe For Concrete

Like many property managers, you might be wondering about choosing the best ice melt for your business and property. Choosing a suitable commercial ice melt for your premises that removes the ice and is safe for your property and environment is difficult to find. To avoid slip and fall accidents many businesses use salt which is not only harmful for the environment but also damages your property.

Here are some tips which will help you to choose an ice melt safe for concrete, free from toxic chemicals, and the one which will help you in the long run.

What is an ice melt?

The chemical component of most commercial ice melt is rock salt or sodium chloride. It undergoes a chemical reaction with ice to produce heat and thus melting the ice. 

Commercial ice melt is a product that offers several benefits over pure rock salt. If you don’t take care, chloride might damage your surfaces. 

Salt-based ice melt comprises sodium chloride, but it also contains magnesium chloride pellets and calcium chloride pellets in its chemical makeup. It, too, is quick-acting and melts ice more quickly than rock salt but has a caustic effect on metals. There are salt-free ice melt products also available in the market. These products are equally effective in extreme weather conditions and work well on all surfaces while being non-corrosive.

How is commercial ice melt safe for concrete?

When deciding between Rock Salt and Ice Melt, price isn’t the only factor to consider. The amount of wear and tear on the parking lot or road where you’re applying the product is also something to consider. 

Rock Salt has the advantage of providing traction while melting ice, but the downside is that the bits of rock can grind against the surface and tear up the concrete. It can damage a parking lot or road over time. The same may happen with other chloride-based ice melt. Even though they are not as harmful to concrete as rock salt, their prolonged use will tamper with concrete, with visible signs of distress.

However, there are natural ice melt products also in the market. Salt-free natural ice melt with amide glycerol mixture is safe for your concrete. It forms a protective shield on your surface thus, preventing ice from sticking to it. It is equally effective on new concrete as well.

How does commercial ice melt safeguard your vehicles and parking lot?

While rock salt provides grip on icy roads while melting the ice, it is also filthy. It is extremely corrosive and can cause considerable damage to your employees’ vehicles over time. It can also cause rusting of other mechanical products on your premises.

On the other hand, salt-free industrial ice melt would neither corrode vehicles nor rust your machinery. It is non-conductive and will not cause any short-circuiting. It is equally safe for the environment and will not damage flora and fauna around your premises.

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This winter, be prepared for snowfall by selecting ice-melting chemicals that are safe for your property and won’t damage your winter landscape services.

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