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Alert In El Dorado County: How To Prevent The Snow-covered Roof From Collapse


EL DORADO COUNTY — As rain moves into areas that received feet of snow, the weight on rooftops increases, along with the risk for buildings to collapse. Emergency crews in El Dorado County are upstaffed through Monday morning as part of the governor’s emergency order, all for winter weather.

CBS13’s Madisen Keavy reported live in Georgetown, where a collapsed awning highlights a risk businesses know all too well. 

“You have to get ahead of it, if people have any ability to get snow off the roof,” said Georgetown Fire Chief Glenn Brown.

Collapsed buildings and awnings were enough to close the hardware store in Georgetown and block off parts of downtown. 

“This store is the lifeblood of this community,” said Troy Neidigh, the store manager at Mar-Val Market.


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Top Tips To Prevent Snow-Covered Roof Collapse

Working In A Group Is Risk-Free

It’s much better to remove snow from your roof with others than it is to do it alone. It’s not only faster, but it’s also a lot safer. For example, if you need to climb to the roof, your partner can hold the ladder in place or rush to your aid if there is an emergency.

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Choose The Appropriate Time

Check the weather forecast before going out to clear the snow from your roof. Avoid extreme cold and strong winds, which can cause frostbite, and be aware of warm spells, turning snow into ice, resulting in falls or even cuts.

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Select The Most Appropriate Tools For Roof

Don’t underestimate the impact that the right tool can have! Metal shovels and scrapers should be avoided because they can damage your roof covering as well as cause serious injury. Instead, use accessories like the telescopic snow rake and ice melter for roofs, specifically designed for cleaning roofs. It’s both safer and faster, for example, safe paw ice melt.

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Create A Safety Buffer

Before you begin, determine where the snow will fall and create a perimeter around it, ensuring that other people are kept out. You can use the high-visibility rope to define the perimeter.

Use The Best Ice Melt

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