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5 Reasons Why Calcium Chloride Might Not Be Safe For Roofs

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Winter can be a challenging time for homeowners. As the snow piles up, so do concerns about ice dams. And what about those treacherous icicles threateningly hanging overhead? Many turn to ice dam prevention products like calcium chloride to help, but is it the best solution for every surface? Let’s deep dive into why it might not be the best option for your flat roof.

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Negative Of Using Inappropriate Ice Dam Prevention Products

1. Corrosion And Material Degradation

First off, let’s get science-y for a second. Calcium chloride is pretty aggressive when it comes to metals. Using it on your roof can lead to faster wear and tear of any metal elements. Over time, the corrosion can compromise the structural integrity of your roof. It’s like giving your roof an unnecessary premature aging treatment.

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2. Potentially Harmful Runoff

Now, think about where all that melted stuff goes. It washes off your roof, right? This salty, chemical-laden runoff can damage plants, harm the soil around your home, and even impact local waterways. Mother Nature might just send you an angry emoji if she could.

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3. Roof Material Breakdown

You love your flat roof. It’s stylish. It’s modern. But calcium chloride might not love it back. Especially if your roof is made of EPDM (a synthetic rubber membrane), the chemical can cause it to break down over time. So, you might be trading short-term ice relief for long-term roofing woes.

4. Increased Water Damage Risks

Let’s say the calcium chloride doesn’t melt all the ice and snow. What then? You’re left with slush and pooled water which can find its way into the tiniest of roof cracks. And water has this sneaky way of causing havoc once it gets inside. Mold, mildew, and water damage are expenses you just don’t need.

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5. Health Concerns

If your fur babies or the little human ones have access to the roof or the area where runoff goes, you have another worry. Calcium chloride can irritate their skin and paws. Plus, ingestion can cause health issues.

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So, What’s The Alternative?

It’s not all doom and gloom, folks! Here’s a silver lining: Safe Paw. When it comes to ice dam prevention products, Safe Paw is a champ. Why?

  • People and Pet-Friendly: First and foremost, it’s safe for your family and your four-legged pals. Peace of mind? Check!
  • Cold Weather Warrior: It’s effective even at super low temperatures. Think -2°F. Brrr!
  • Gentle Yet Powerful: No corrosion worries here. It’s non-corrosive, and it’s got a good shelf life too. Long-term protection, here we come.
  • How It Works: The Safe Paw crystal releases a deicing liquid, supercharging the melting process. It then penetrates the ice and snow, disrupting its structure. Within about 10 minutes, these granules start breaking down the ice, ensuring a safer surface.

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To wrap up, when it comes to your beloved flat roof and the safety of your surroundings, a switch to Safe Paw might be the upgrade you need. Winter is tough enough. Let’s not make it harder on our homes or our wallets. Safety first, always!

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