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How To Remove Ice From Driveway

Best Way To Melt Ice On Driveway

As winter approaches, there is a high chance you will start investing in winter ice melt products to keep families safe. However, since several products are available in the market, it becomes confusing to pick the most appropriate option. There are chemical-based products and organic or environment-friendly products available in stores across the country.

But How Do You Choose The Best Ice Melt On Concrete?

Snow-kissed pathways look breathtaking after fresh snowfall. But after a while, they leave a layer of ice that becomes a problem when we step out. So although its’ best to stay inside, we know it’s not a solution.

While speaking with our neighbor one morning, we learned that she had used every type of product and was still not happy with the outcome. However, she was still looking for the best ice melt for concrete and had experimented quite a bit to date. Her predicament resonated with almost every person who stays in cold regions and has to use ice melt products regularly. 

And that conversation beckoned us to curate an answer in the form of an article below. It covers the different ways of removing ice and the type of products available in the market.

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Type Of Concrete Ice Melt Products In The Market 

For decades now, people across the country have tried using different methods to melt snow and ice on their patio, driveway, sidewalks, stairs, etc. The dilemma that comes along with choosing the correct product is unbelievable.

Let’s take a quick look at how to melt snow off driveway and the products available in the market today.

Chloride-based products are mostly exothermic and have melting points from 15 degrees Fahrenheit to -25 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take.

Natural products are organic and increase traction on the surface, thus making it easier to avoid slips, skids, and falls. These include a shovel, sand, ash, urea, kitty litter, and Safe Paw.

Ice Melt For Concrete

Safe Paw Homemade Ice Melt

Safe Paw

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Details Of Each Type Of Product 

Now that we have broadly identified the type of products in the market, let’s deep dive into the different icy driveway solutions below.

Rock Salt Or Sodium Chloride 

It is the most commonly used ice melt product in the market. This rock salt concrete is cheap and freely available at every supermarket and utility store across different states, making it more accessible. However, sodium chloride takes longer to act on icy surfaces, making it impossible to move out immediately.

As temperatures dip further, rock salt stops working or is not practical. After that, it is alright, up to 10 degrees to 15 degrees Fahrenheit only. If we ignore this, there is a high chance of slipping and falling, thus harming you and your pets?

Even the slightest amount of rock salt can harm kids and pets alike. In addition, it is dangerous to ingest it accidentally because it can cause stomach problems, vomiting, and a sore throat. Therefore, it is 100% advisable to consult a doctor (or vet) in case of accidental consumption.

Another big drawback about rock salt is that it is corrosive, damages the underside and sides of your car (rust them), and destroys your flowerbeds and soil.

Calcium Chloride 

Calcium chloride has several purposes, such as dust control, refrigeration, and ice melt for concrete. While this is available in a liquid form, most households prefer the pellet or the flake form. It works up to approx. 25 degrees Fahrenheit and is exothermic, which means it releases energy that helps melt the ice surrounding it.

It is far more expensive than other alternatives in the market and is not the best way to melt snow on driveway. It is not entirely safe in the environment, and you cannot blindly use it regularly. It leaves a slight residue after it dries up.

You need to wear thick gloves and a mask while applying calcium chloride not to burn your skin. Over application can harm your flowerbeds, driveway, and even your pets!

Magnesium Chloride 

Another popular deicer or ice melt product, magnesium chloride, has quite a few takers in the market. Similar to calcium chloride, magnesium chloride acts quickly but can work up to -5 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is supposedly less corrosive, less harmful to vegetation, and is an ice melt concrete safe

It melts ice quickly because of its hygroscopic nature. In simple words, it quickly absorbs moisture and helps to convert ice into brine faster. As a result, it leaves minimal residue around the concrete driveway and vegetation. It is easy to clean; however, it is not entirely safe for the plants either.

It should not come in contact with pets and kids as it may harm them. Although it dissolves quickly, it has higher water content and may become ineffective after some time, making your efforts go in vain. You might need to reapply the product often to ensure it maintains the non-slipperiness. It is much higher as compared to other ice melt products, especially rock salt. Since it works only up to a specific temperature, it will not melt ice further as the temperatures rise.

It is not a viable long-term solution.

Potassium Chloride 

Many believe it is a better alternative to rock salt and other deicers or ice melt products since it is relatively safe on concrete. However, it has the lowest effective melting temperature, i.e., up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit only. Therefore, it is not the safest solution in the market.

If you have pets and kids at home, there is a high chance that they may accidentally ingest it, causing them harm. It is not entirely safe for your plants either.

While these are a few chloride-based products in the market, they are not entirely the best way to melt sidewalk ice. 

If we talk of the natural or organic deicers or ice melt, you have a couple of ways to melt ice without salt too. 

Kitty Litter 

It isn’t an exact deicer but provides traction on slippery surfaces. For example, you can spread a fair amount of kitty litter if you are in a hurry to get out and cannot wait for the ice to melt. It will create traction and help you stand firmly on the icy stairs or driveway.

Sand Or Saw Dust 

Again this is not a deicer but an effective way to avoid slipping or falling on ice. It is quickly available in the market, and you may generously apply it to all open spaces in and around the house. However, you have to be careful that you use it when you want to move out because it can merge with the ice or water, leaving it ineffective.

It also sticks to the sole of the shoes, thus making your house slightly dirty. So, if you are looking at how to melt snow and ice from driveway without causing environmental damage, this is the solution for you. 

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Shovel And Snow Blowers 

If you have experienced heavy snowfall, the first thing to do is shovel the place. Get your shovel or plow, or snow blower out to remove the excess snow from the driveway. These are practical snow removal tools and come in handy any day. Although it may not help remove the layer of ice formed underneath the snow immediately, on the surface of the concrete or wooden steps, it will at least pave the way for the next steps. 

Hot Water 

After shoveling, you can pour hot water and keep melting the ice as you go along. However, it is a short-term solution. It does not solve your daily needs completely.  

The warm or hot water will help in speeding the melting process.

Rubbing Alcohol 

You may try using nearly 70% isopropyl alcohol in half a gallon spray bottle. You can spray the solution along the driveway and wait for around 30 mins to work its magic. You can then remove the excess ice with a shovel. It is yet another best way to melt ice on driveway

Another popular question we have had is ‘does vinegar melt ice on sidewalk?’

Yes, limitedly. Mix white vinegar with wood ash and water to get rid of old ice and avoid the formation of new ice, at least for a while. Let it rest for the night, and apply it on your icy driveway to melt the ice. It is not only time-consuming but not the easiest thing to make either. Alternatively, you can use only water and vinegar mixture and apply it on any icy surface and even on your car. It might not damage it; however, you will need to reconfirm this.

So, in short, although vinegar melts ice, it is not a viable solution.

You have seen various products and read their properties in-depth, but somewhere we see a little anxiety to use any DIY product or even chemical-based products. You want something more environment-friendly and organic and something that will be safe for everyone in the house.

Well, in that case, you have your perfect winter companion – Safe Paw.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Is Safe Paw The Correct Product To Melt Ice On Driveway Without Damaging Anything Around? 

Yes, it is!

Safe Paw came into existence keeping in mind the environmental factors such as water, plants, and soil. It’s easy to spot pellets make them super easy to spread and break the ice in a structured and systematic manner.

It is trusted by vets, animal shelters, and activists throughout the country, making it a safe product for pets. Your precious dogs and cats will not burn their Paw or feel agitated after stepping on Safe Paw. And even if they ingest it accidentally, it is alright! They will not fall sick or hurt their tummy in any way.

It is gentle on the environment as it does not hinder their growth but accelerates it and nourishes the soil to a great extent. Safe Paw has been vowing homeowners and pet owners for several years so far.

How Can I Use Safe Paw? 

It comes in an easy-to-spread 8lbs jug with evenly distributed holes underneath the lid. It is an easy-to-apply walkway solution. Take a liberal amount and spread it over the patio, stairs, or driveway, and you can walk on it within seconds. It has a relatively long shelf-life. It does not stick to your shoes and does not dirty the house when you walk in.

Does It Harm Plants Or Kids? 

It is one of the safest products amongst different ice melt products available today. It has a patented dual-effect compound that helps in maintaining traction up to 72 hours of application. Even if the residue goes on top of the plants, it will not harm them but nourish them like a fertilizer.

Does It Harm Concrete Or My Car? 

It is a non-corrosive and non-conductive formula, making it safe on cured concrete. You need to use ½ the amount of salt and see long-term effects. It does not corrode the underside of the car, nor does it rust the edges. It is salt-free, chlorine-free, and acetate-free.

Safe Paw does not only help you to tackle winter problems systematically; it allows you to keep your surroundings clean and green. We have always encouraged people to use safe and natural ice melt products to lessen the burden on our precious environment.

To Conclude 

With chemical-based and salt-based products, you will notice your driveway and sidewalk discoloration, multiple health hazards, environmental hazards, etc. These are reasons to believe that you need to invest in the best way to melt ice on the driveway, stairs, and walkers. 

So now we not only know how to keep wooden steps ice-free and protect our concrete driveways, we have become conscious buyers as well. With a 100% safe solution, Safe Paw gives you the peace of mind you need during winter to enjoy a warm cup of hot cocoa and leave the magic of melting ice on it. 

Consult with ice melt experts today! 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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