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5 Types Of Ice Melt And Their Pros And Cons

Types Of Ice Melt

Understanding the differences between various types of ice melt products can make a big difference in how effectively you can reduce the quantity of snow and ice around your structure. Although rock salt is the most widely used and recognized de-icer, there are other formulae and solutions that can be more effective in particular circumstances. 

Here are the five types of ice melt with their pros and cons.

Sodium Chloride Or Rock Salt

It’s the most widely used de-icing agent. Even though it melts the ice, it is harmful to physical structures, materials, and ecosystems.

It is not ideal for concrete that is less than a year old. It can damage your masonry and corrode the metal of vehicles and railings. Even small amounts of sodium chloride can seep into neighboring soil, altering its composition and causing harm to grass and plants. It is also toxic to pets and can cause severe problems if ingested by them.

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Amide Core With Glycol

A modified crystalline amide core interleaved with glycol admixture is one of the most effective ice melts while being safe for people, pets, structure, and the environment.

While breaking surface tension, the liquid component of this ice melt immediately begins melting ice. The crystal core present in the ice melt weakens the sticky snow by penetrating it. It causes the melting process to accelerate. 

It leaves an invisible layer of protection that helps prevent ice from clinging to surfaces for three days. Due to the “Teflon” effect, it makes shoveling simpler. 

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Calcium Chloride 

It emits heat while melting, allowing it to act more quickly than other de-icers. Like other chloride-based ice melts, it can also corrode metal. It can also destroy carpets and tiles, thus, damaging your internal floorings. It is less disastrous to plants but excessive use can harm them.

Potassium Chloride

Potassium chloride is similar to potassium-based fertilizer. Though this product is hailed as a safe product it can be highly dangerous to pets suffering from renal injuries. 

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It is more costly and has a greater working temperature. Thus, it is more commonly found in de-icing blends with other chlorides, making it hazardous.

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Calcium Magnesium Acetate

Dolomitic limestone and acetic acid are found in it. It is used for concrete-heavy locations, such as parking garages, calcium magnesium acetate. It is less corrosive than chlorine-based compounds.

It is one of the most costly de-icing agents, costing up to 30 times as much as rock salt. It can also make the pavement slick making it more prone to slip and fall accidents


Before getting your ice melt, check to see if the de-icer may harm concrete, pavement, railings, or other structures, as well as carpets. It’s also vital to consider the de-environmental icer’s impact, as some are harmful to the environment. There are many ice melts available in the market, but as a responsible citizen, you need to opt for the ice melt that is safe for all.

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