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Best Tips To Protect Your Flat Roof From Snow Damage

ice melter for roofs

Accumulated snow can be a killer, and when you have a flat roof, the damage is incomparable. But with the correct ice melter for roofs, you can get the job done quickly. The real problem arises- which ice melt is the best for you? And what quick tips can work to make your winters hassle-free. 

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Let us take a quick look at the top 5 ways to protect your flat roof from snow damage. 

  • Clear Storm Drains 

It is one thing for snow to accumulate and quite another for you to not clear your storm drains regularly. Autumn leaves, and debris can cause storm drains to clog, thus leaving no room for snow to melt and flow. In addition, heavy snowfall results in flat roofs getting covered in snow, with nearly 3 to 4 inches of snowfall spread across. Clearing out the storm drain or gutters before the onset of snowfall will help to protect your roof and walls from seepage. 

  • Spread Deicers

Another exciting solution is to apply an eco-friendly deicer, such as Safe Paw, before a snowstorm hits! Deicers help keep the ice from sticking to the surface and make it easy to clear it later. In addition, there are ice melter for roofs that are safe and ease your woes of keeping your concrete safe. 

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  • Ceiling Insulation

Install an insulation system on the underside of the roof deck or attic to keep your roof and walls from getting damaged in the long run. You can call insulation specialists to help you install an effective insulation system through your attic and house. The insulation system’s heat will help melt ice and keep your flat roofs snow-free. 

  • External Foam Insulation

The way you insulate your home from inside, you can also use roof deck insulators or rigid foam insulators to help you keep your roof clear of snow. Insulation roof panels are a great way to keep the snow from sticking to the surface and help in quickly clearing it off. Insulated roof decks need professional installation, and we highly recommend contacting your nearest roofing specialist. 

  • Check For Pre-existing Damage 

There is a high chance you will come across puddles or specific damage to your roof over time. Please bring in the experts to check for any damage and repair it before a snowstorm or blizzard. It helps to stay prepared and maintain checks and balances to avoid long-term damage. 


While there are different ways to use ice melt on concrete flat roofs and protect them, it is best to maintain it throughout the year. We want you to enjoy your winter without any hassle, and by investing in eco-friendly products, such as Safe Paw, you get an opportunity to do just that. It is a perfect combination of traction and ice melter for roofs that will help you battle the weather extremities well. 

If you haven’t thought of getting your roof ready, it is time to do so now!

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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