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Should You Use Homemade Ice Melt For Your Lawn?

Homemade Ice Melt For Your Lawn

Ice melt in any form causes some amount of damage to your home, concrete driveway, sidewalks, and vegetation. Safe step sure paws ice melt helps you get all these woes out of the way and helps you become better at choosing among the different products in the market. There was a time when we dreaded the fall or winter because of limited options. However, today we have many options that help you find the correct ice melt as per your requirement. One of the biggest questions that still haunt us is- whether we should use homemade ice melt or not? 

Homemade ice melt is less potent than the ones available in the market. It is made from readily available products at home and can be made into a quick ice melt by adding a little rubbing alcohol. Common ingredients used to make homemade ice melt- beetroot juice, coffee grounds, baking soda, wood ash, alfalfa meal, vinegar, etc.

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Can We Use Homemade Ice Melt?

If a storm catches you off-guard, there is very little you can do to overcome the situation immediately. In such cases, using homemade ice melt comes handy. A few ways you can overcome this predicament-


You can spread salt around the area you want to melt ice and pour hot water. You have to ensure that the salt does not permeate the soil but the ice. As the hot water melts the ice, the salt prevents water from refreezing. While you can use table salt, the closest option is rock salt. It is advisable to use the salt near the lawn sparingly as salt is toxic to plants and will cause them to wilt and wither. While you have paw thaw msds, too, you must be careful while using it. 


Ammonium sulfate, a common ingredient in fertilizer, can lower the temperature to melt ice. It slows down melting ice but does not impact the plants or lawn. You can safely use homemade ice melt fertilizer to melt ice on the grass or lawns; however, it is ineffective on pathways and driveways. It will help to build traction on the surface. 

Rubbing Alcohol 

Another excellent way to melt ice is to use rubbing alcohol mixed with water and spray it on the icy surface. It is portable and can be used anytime, anywhere. It is not the safest product; however, you can overcome immediate problems. 

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Homemade ice melt makes it quicker to solve the problem of icy surfaces and icy lawns. However, in the long run, it is advisable to use Safe Paw instead of a safe step sure paws ice melt to prevent any damage to your vegetation. We would not like to see all your efforts in creating a beautiful garden go to waste. So get hold of your pack today!

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