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Massachusetts Here’s How To Prepare Your Driveway For Winter

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Since 2020 is on the edge of ending, we can now say that this year was full of surprises. And winter showed us the last surprise snow in October. 

On average, Massachusetts sees its first snow around November 29 and first 1″+ snowfall around December 8. But this year, it snowed for the first time on October 29. 

But here’s the thing– freshly fallen snow might look like a white velvet carpet but can take a toll on your driveway and can cause serious issues. Moreover, choosing the wrong ice melt on new concrete can also damage your surroundings, and so you need to take measures to prevent such situations.

Take measures like preparing your driveway for winter and heavy snowfall beforehand.  

But how to do it?

Here’s what you need to do before snowfall hits the city of Massachusetts. 

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6 Tips To Prepare Your Driveway For Winter

1 – Check For All The Cracks and Crevices in Your Driveway

Before the snow gets the chance to hit your driveway, it’s a good idea to check all the cracks, broken tiles, seepages, etc.

2 – Seal All Those Cracks

Did you notice any cracks while checking? If yes, then it’s time to seal them. Any cracks in your driveway will get even worse when it snows. If the snow and ice start to thaw, water runoff leaks through the cracks. And if they freeze again before it dries, the frozen water will expand the crevices and make it even bigger. So it’s advised to seal the cracks in your driveway before the snow can cause any more damages.

3 – Use the Right Ice Melt Products

While many people prefer salt and chloride-based solutions, this isn’t the best option available. Salt won’t stop the process of thawing and freezing. Also, when overused or mismatched, it can become a serious environmental pollutant. 

Instead, use ice melt safe for concrete and choose the one that is free of salt, chlorine, and acetate and isn’t harmful to the environment, pets, and children. 

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4 – Keep Your Driveway Clean and Clear

When the snow hits your driveway, make sure that you clean the driveway and clear the snow as soon as possible. 

Powerwash your driveway before the snowfalls start to hit. Clean all the leaves, sticks, and pebbles on your driveway because these can damage your driveway once a thick layer of snow covers the surface.

5 – Clear The Driveway With The Right Tools

Tools like snow blowers and shovels should be your go-to tools. Make sure that you turn up your snowblower before the snow hits for the first time. Chipped shovels can damage your driveway if not used correctly. So try to keep the shovel away from the cracks and use it cautiously.

6 – Check For Damage Issues

Winter is already here, and if your driveway doesn’t have a proper drainage system, you might be in a big mess. So before you get into serious trouble, make sure your driveway has proper drainage. 

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