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Keeping Car And Concrete Snow Free: Essential Tips

snow-free driveway

In winter, driving to work can be a challenge. Snow and ice are common in most parts of the country, and your car needs to be ready for them. The first step to keeping your vehicle safe is preparing it before the storm hits. It will help if you have a few items on hand in advance: a good ice melt, traction agent, shovel, or snow blower (depending on how much space you have). If you were expecting driveway salt, it’s not there. We will discuss why.

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Use The Right Kind Of Ice Melt

Avoid using ice melts with calcium chloride or magnesium chloride. These products can cause damage to your driveway and patio. Driveway salts made from potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, or calcium chloride are also not good for concrete.

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The best way to keep your concrete safe from these chemicals is by applying an ice melt that is free from such chemicals. Apply the product before the first snowfall of winter. This will help keep your walkway clear through all seasons.

Salt Your Driveway And Walkways, Not Just Your Car

Salt is corrosive, so whether you’re putting it on your car or not, it’s important to remember that driveway salt will damage your vehicle if used. It can damage the paint finish, undercarriage, and other parts of the car. Salt also increases rusting and corrosion on metal surfaces in contact with salt water or snowmelt. That means that if you use rock salt on your driveway and sidewalks after a snowstorm, you’re doing more harm than good for both yourself and your vehicle.

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Follow Up With A Snow Shovel Or Blower

Once you’ve done all the heavy lifting and cleared your car, go back and clear the rest of your driveway. A snow shovel is your best bet for this task. If you’re using a snow blower, wear goggles and other protective gear to avoid flying debris while clearing the area around it.

How To Remove Ice From The Windshield?

The best way is with a scraper. Scraping off snow and ice can be done with a standard household scraper or any other tool designed for this purpose (ice picks are also very effective). 

As you scrape, make sure not to put too much pressure on the glass—you don’t want to scratch up your car! When using a scraper, be sure that you’re scraping at an angle away from yourself. Also keep in mind that it might take some time before all of the snow comes off. Sprinkling some ice melt can make the job easy for you.

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If you keep your car and concrete snow-free, you will be able to drive safely in any weather. When winter comes around, we all must do our part to get ready for the season by clearing away snow and ice from our cars, driveways, and sidewalks.

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