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Friday Forecast: Pittsburgh Braces For Rain and Snow with First Alert Weather Day

Ice Melt Safe For Driveways And Walkways

PITTSBURGH – Rain and snow will start to build in at the start of the day. Lower elevations will see mainly rain mixing with some snowflakes. The I-80 corridor and mountains will likely be seeing the mixing/wet snow action during the day, which will create slushy and tricky conditions for roadways, especially for those areas. 


Snow accumulations will be tough to measure with the coinciding rain. The mountains could see a small risk for some icy surfaces with freezing rain Friday morning through the afternoon.

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How to Clear Snow and Ice from Driveways and Walkways?

Here are some safety Tips For Clearing Snow And Ice From Driveways And Walkways

Don’t Use Salt

Salt is a bad choice for clearing your driveway because it’s harmful to the environment. When salt hits concrete, plants, and soil, it can damage those surfaces over time. Does it also pose a threat to pets who like to lick their paws after walking on snowy or icy roads–and if you accidentally ingest some of this toxic substance? Well, that’s not good for anyone involved. Salt can also cause rusting of metal and damage your vehicle if you use too much when clearing ice from its surface.

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Why Does Clear Ice Melt Slower

The reason for this is that when water freezes, it expands. This can cause cracks in the ice and make it more likely to break apart when you step on it.

Ice that has been sitting on top of snow may also be thicker than pure ice because the snow underneath acts like an insulator, preventing heat from escaping and causing more rapid freezing.

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Use The Right Tools

When clearing your driveway and walkways, use the right tools including an ice melt.

So, what’s the best ice melt?

Any natural ingredient-based product, such as Safe Thaw, is safe for stamped concrete and Trex decking. Since it is 100% environmentally friendly without any salt or chloride, it does not corrode the concrete or deck, leave a stain, or cause any damage. It can be removed easily with a shovel and not harm the surface. 

A shovel or snow blower is best for removing snow and ice from the driveway, while a broom will help you remove ice from your walkway. A scraper can also be used to clear snow and ice from windows.

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Clear Snow Quickly To Avoid Buildup

If you have a driveway and walkways, it’s important to clear them of snow and ice as quickly as possible. This will prevent dangerous buildup that could lead to slips and falls, damage to your property, damage to other people’s property–or worse!

Be Cautious Of Over-Exertion

Taking frequent breaks, wearing appropriate clothing, and warming up before you start are all good ideas for anyone working outside in the cold weather. But if you’re older or have medical conditions that affect your heart, lungs, or muscles–or if you’re not used to working out–you should exercise regularly with a trainer before attempting to clear snow yourself.

If you choose to go it alone, take it slow and steady so that none of your muscles get sore or strained. Avoid overdoing things; it’s better for everyone involved if someone else does the heavy lifting while you provide moral support from inside your cozy house!

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


We hope now you know what’s the best ice melt. With these tips, we aim to help you be safer when clearing snow and ice from your driveway and walkways. Remember, if you’re unsure whether something is suitable for your situation, don’t hesitate to ask an expert!

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