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As A Shop Owner I Used Ice Melt On Concrete But

Ice Melt Safe For Roofs And Gutters

Shop owners concerned about safety are tempted to start salting as the winter season deposits snow, ice, and sleet on sidewalks, parking lots, and roads. Salt, on the other hand, isn’t always the ideal solution for melting ice and snow. So, what is the best option for shop owners? The remedy is salt and chloride-free ice melt

As a shop owner, I used ice to melt on concrete. It worked well during a light snowfall. But as the snow starts piling up, I have to spread a large quantity of it. I have to frequently use it on my concrete to keep my shop accessible.

As the spring arrived, I noticed that my concrete was showing damage signs. It was having pop-outs and has lost its smoothness and shine. Salt-based ice melts inflict a lot of damage on concrete. As temperatures drop, their main ingredient, chloride, loses effectiveness, causing a thaw/refreeze cycle that traps water in concrete pores, eventually splitting and modifying its surface. 

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