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Winter Can Be Harsh On Your Pets- Tips To Protect Them

safe ice melt for pets

With all the snow, ice, salt on the pavement, and extreme weather, your pet’s health and paws can take a hammering throughout the winter. The pet owners must protect their paw’s pads to avoid injuries and painful winters. In this article, we’ll discuss a few tips to keep your pets safe and healthy during the winter season. These options include dog boots, balms, trimming, and most importantly safe using a safe ice melt.

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Make sure you are ready for the cold with the following suggestions for protecting your dog’s paws in snow and winter:

  • Use Dog Boots

Putting winter dog booties on your dog may be the most effective approach to protect the paws from snow, ice, and salt, but it is not always the most convenient. You need to undertake some conditioning training to get your dogs used to these boots. It is also important to get the correct size boots for your dogs so that they can feel comfortable with them.

  • Paw Protection Lotion

Before you take your dog for a stroll, apply a paw protection lotion to his paws. Use a lotion or paw spray for paw care. It protects the paws from road salt. Only use natural substances like calendula and chamomile extracts or beeswax ointments.

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  • Salt-free And Safe Ice Melt

While you do not influence what your neighbors do with their property, you do have authority over your driveway and walkway. Using a pet-safe ice melt reduces the chances of your dog eating the salt. The best ice melt for pet owners is one that is chloride-free and natural. Its spherical granules are gentle on your pet’s paws and can be used to melt ice as well as provide traction. If you are looking for an ice melt concrete safe that is also safe for your pets, make sure to check the ingredients before making a purchase. Many ice melts use chlorides that affect your pet’s health and are highly corrosive.

  • Clean The Paws

You must clean the paws with warm water after the walk. A bowl of lukewarm water, a cloth, and a towel to dry them are all you will need. Remove snow, grit, and road salt off by using a clean towel and warm water. 

  • Trim It Well

Allowing your pet’s nails to grow excessively long might lead to a slew of other problems. When sprinting on ice or snow, a dog’s nails can break, injuring the paw. 

If your dog has long hair, the hair between his paw pads is likely to belong as well. Snow and chemicals can get trapped inside the paw pad area if this hair isn’t trimmed.

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Winters can be really harsh on the pets if proper care is not taken. Use the tips mentioned above to have a fun season with your pets without any injuries.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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