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Why Dogs Love Snow And What You Can Do To Keep Them Safe?

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Like humans, dogs also appear to be fond of snow. If you have a pet dog, you might have enjoyed the sight of your furry friend rolling and bouncing around in the snow. But, what’s so unique about the cold and white stuff and why does it appear attractive to our pets? In this article, we’ll discuss how snow impacts your beloved pets and safe ways to melt the ice this winter.

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Let’s find out:

So, What Is It That They Love?

Here are some reasons why dogs get excited around snow:

– It’s A Fun Activity

If you love snow then you must already know how fun it is. 

Some of us love the chilly weather and the feel of bouncing and jumping in the snow. While it is natural for some breeds like Keeshonds, Tibetan Terriers, and Samoyed Dogs to like the sight of snow since they’re made to live in cold regions, dogs that typically live in hot regions also appear to love snow.

It’s a great activity that dogs not only enjoy alone but with other dogs as well.

– They Enjoy Playing With Their Humans

Dogs love spending time with their humans and what better way to kill time than to play a game. Humans tend to enjoy a lot of ice-related activities such as snow wars and building a snowman. It is natural for a dog to jump the bandwagon and be your partner in crime.

It might be a good idea to be by your dog’s side while they’re out in the snow as it will not only help strengthen the connection between you and your pet but also ensure your dog’s safety.

– It’s Natural To Enjoy It

As mentioned earlier, some dogs are naturally inclined to like snow. Moreover, some even enjoy eating the snow. 

It’s usually okay since snow is just frozen water; however, make sure your dog does not chew on very hard snow as it might cause cuts or dental injuries. Plus, eating too much snow can result in digestive issues.

– It’s Something New

Dogs love experimenting and playing with new toys. A change of scenery typically excites them as it allows them to try new things including new games and antics. 

This is why dogs tend to get very excited around snow. They love jumping around and showing tricks to anyone interested in watching them at play.

But, Snow Can Be Risky Too

While it’s fun to play in the snow, we must mention that it is a risky activity. 

Make sure to not let a lot of snow accumulate around your property as very deep snow can cause injuries. Plus, be quick in removing snow if it is hard as hard snow can result in accidents including serious injuries or not only your pet but also to others around you.

– Using A Snow Melt

Most people use ice melt safe for concrete and pets to remove snow but you can also use other methods depending on the quantity and type of snow in your region.

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There are various ‘pet safe’ ice melt products on the market but most end up containing chemicals including salts that can lead to health issues. It is important to use an ice melt safe for concrete and pets to ensure safety.

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