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Snow In Minneapolis: Are You Prepared For Sidewalk and Parking Lot Ice Removal?

Blizzard Preparation - Tips On How To Melt Ice Safely

MINNEAPOLIS – Minneapolis says it’s ready for our next streak of snow.

It hasn’t been decided whether the city will offer free off-street parking like a couple weeks ago, but officials say the warmer temperatures are helpful.  

“I don’t think we’ll do any pre-treating with this one,” said Joe Paumen, Minneapolis’s director of transportation maintenance and repair. “The temperatures are hovering right around freezing and are scheduled to be above freezing, so we’ll see that heavy, slushy snow that should melt off pretty quickly.”

Paumen says they’re watching the forecast to determine whether a snow emergency will be necessary.  

Source: CBS NEWS

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How To Keep Your Car Safe While Parking It Outside In The Winter 

Inflate Tires

To avoid flat spots, you must pump your tires to adequate pressure. When parking a car on an ice and smooth road, make sure to put some blocks under the tires to keep it from moving. 

Keep Your Car Away From Flooded Areas. 

Between the automobile and the floor, there should be a moisture barrier. If you park your car on damp terrain, the water may freeze into ice, resulting in frozen tires after a long period of exposure to cold and moisture. Use a chloride free and safe ice melt.

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Make Use Of A Parking Tent. 

A heated cover for your automobile is essential; it can completely cover the main body of your vehicle. It has a foldable structure and is portable, allowing it to be used anywhere.

Take Out The Battery. 

You can remove your car battery to keep it from losing charge. It will make it easier for your automobile to start the next time you replace the battery. 

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Do Anti-icing

Anti-icing is a preventative measure to keep ice from forming on the pavement. Anti-icing is sprayed from a truck onto your parking lot’s surface. Anti-icing is a highly effective method of removing snow and ice. 

Undertake De-icing

Deicing is a helpful utility after a snowfall. You can utilize one of two types of deicers in your parking lot. First, there’s salt, which is the most well-known sort of deicer. But it is not the ideal product for parking and sidewalks as it damages the concrete and corrodes the metal. On the other hand, a salt-free ice melt is perfect for parking lot surfaces because it will not hurt them. In addition, it works quickly and lasts a long time. 

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How To Plow Your Parking Lot?

You may plow a parking lot using a variety of methods. Unfortunately, people often begin plowing with no prior experience and know-how to plow a parking lot. Firstly ensure that you plow every few inches of snowfall. By the time it’s finished, there won’t be as much snow to plow. This also keeps the snow from compacting and becoming difficult to remove. 

Many people believe that they’ll need large quantities of ice melt to remove snow from large areas. This is not completely false because most of the wholesale ice melt manufacturers are not that effective. Products like Safe Thaw are required in very little quantity due to their efficiency and excellent spread rate. 

If you have a beautiful landscape surrounding your parking area, you need not fear. Your grass, plants, and foliage are safe because Safe Paw contains all-natural ingredients and is 100% salt-free. It will not hurt animals or the environment and will not cause damage to your building. It is non-toxic and biodegradable with a long shelf life. It’s guaranteed to melt below -2°F. 

By using a safe, salt-free, and natural ice melt, you can protect your car from rusting and other toxic effects of chlorides. Avoid using rock salt or kosher salt to melt ice. Whether you have access to covered parking or not, a salt-free ice melt will ensure the protection of your car and property from snow and ice.

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