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Is It Okay To Apply Ice Melt To Concrete That Is Less Than One Year Old?

stamped concrete sidewalk

It’s great that you want to find a way to keep your concrete from cracking, but I don’t think it’s going to be possible. Ice melts can be very useful for preventing ice and snow from accumulating on the surface of concrete surfaces, but they aren’t designed for use on a new home or building project. In fact, this is why there are some restrictions on certain types of ice melt products when it comes to stamped concrete sidewalks and asphalt surfaces.

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Is It Safe To Use An Ice-Melt On A Stamped Concrete Sidewalk Less Than 1 Year Old?

While it is true that concrete is a sturdy material, it’s still very delicate and cannot be treated like other surfaces. For example, you can’t go out to the driveway and spray some ice melt on it and expect nothing bad to happen.

Concrete is a very delicate material that needs to be treated with respect. It has been noted that using ice melt on new concrete can cause severe damage or even make your driveway unusable. This damage can occur from both freezing and melting of the ice, so it’s best to wait until at least a year has passed since your drive was poured before using any product on it.

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Concrete Has A Curing Process

Concrete has a curing process, and if you put ice melt on it before it’s fully cured, it could cause damage. You need to wait for the concrete to cure for a full year before using ice melt or any other type of de-icing product on it.

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We do not recommend using any type of ice melt on concrete for less than one-year-old, as the product may damage the surface. You can try shoveling the driveway.

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Concrete that has been installed within the last 12 months should not be treated with ice melt products as these materials will stain or discolor your newly installed surface. If you need an anti-slip solution for your driveway or patio area, consider using Traction Magic or Walk On Ice. It is best if you wait until after 12 months before using any type of granular material on a new surface because this will give time for any minor settling issues to resolve themselves without adversely affecting the appearance of the finished surface.

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