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How To Make Your Driveway Less Slippery This Winter

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Winters are beautiful, but they can be dangerous too. When the white, fluffy snow on your driveway turns into a treacherous layer of ice, then it can lead to serious slip and fall accidents. It’s your responsibility to provide safe access to your driveway during the snowy winters for your family and visitors. To help prevent these accidents and mishappenings, here are some easy tips (including ice melt) that will help you to make your driveway less slippery this winter.

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1. Shoveling

Shoveling early to remove fresh snow before it starts to freeze into slippery hard ice layers is the most effective way to make your driveway ice-free. But shoveling is labor-intensive, takes a lot of time, and is hard on your back. Moreover, if you are dealing with a frozen layer of ice, then shoveling it away becomes difficult and can cause severe injuries due to slip & fall accidents.

2. Salts/ Ice Melt

The use of ice melt on the driveway significantly reduces the manual effort required in shoveling the snow. But, most of the common brands in the market use chemicals that pose serious problems for your driveway, garden, and pets. Chloride based salts are detrimental to the concrete of your driveway, damage the plants & vegetation, are hazardous to pets, and even burn the bottom of their paws.

However, there are non-chloride ice melt available in the market that are non-toxic, pet-friendly, and non-corrosive.

3. Traction Agents

Using a traction agent doesn’t help in melting the ice on the driveway, but it increases the traction and prevents the chances of slip and fall accidents. These are mostly organic items like sand, wood shavings, sawdust, and kitty litter. Tractions agents are less harmful and cost-efficient in comparison to salts, but they are also not that effective in making the surface non-slippery.

Using traction agents helps, but you may still have to clean the driveway post melting of the ice as it may stick to the bottom of your shoes and create a mess.

4. Mats To Melt The Ice

If you don’t want to use any salt or ice melt on the driveway, then you can use a snow melting mat. Simply place a large size mat on your driveway,  plug it in, and it will start melting the snow. The mat contains a heating element that is placed between two layers of durable non-slip rubber.

Snow melting mats reduce your snow-removal efforts significantly, but they are expensive and are heavy on your electricity bill too. Moreover, the mats have a limited useful life, like any other equipment that is subject to regular wear and tear. 

5. Heated Driveway

If you are pouring a new driveway or planning to replace a deteriorating one, then you can also explore the option of a heated driveway. A heated driveway melt the snow falling over it without any need for shoveling, salts, or snow blowers. It is environment friendly, non-corrosive, and pet friendly as it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals.

But this method has a huge cost associated with its installation and electricity consumption, and it can easily go up to thousands of dollars. So obviously, this is not an option for everyone. 

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