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How To Deal With Snow In A Garage

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The opinion on winter seems to be divided. Some people enjoy the sight of the covered landscape and some abhor it. Whatever your taste, the fact remains that snow can cause severe damage to your property, especially your garage.

It is not very uncommon to find snow in the garage. Some people even end up with the garage roof covered in snow. Not everyone knows how to deal with piles of snow or what to do once it begins to melt.

In this article, we’ll tell you things you can do to deal with snow in a garage.

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Use Garage Ice Melt To Get Rid Of Snow

The purpose of garage ice melt is to melt snow. 

A lot of people make the mistake of letting snow sit for too long hoping it would melt away on its own. 

This is nothing but a huge mistake as snow might harden with time, which can make the melting process even harder. Moreover, letting snow sit for too long can be bad for the surface of your garage.

While you can manually remove snow, it can be a very troublesome job. 

Garage ice melt makes the job easier, all you have to do is place it on the surface and it will get the job done without any manual work.

Our garage ice melt is perfect as it works for up to 72 hours and is safe for concrete and asphalt.

Do Something To Remove Water

Now that snow has turned into water, you have to take steps to do something about it.

• Turn To A Squeegee

It’s an expensive and simple way to keep snow melt at bay. All you have to do is squeegee the water out of your garage.

• Buy A Garage Mat

Floor mats can help reduce the risk but they can add to the cost. Use these if you live in a very snowy region and have money to spare. They work and protect the surface by holding water in but may require maintenance.

• Utilize Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes do the same job as floor mats but in a less efficient and cost-friendly manner. Lay these down and they’ll soak water for you. However, cardboards need to be replaced very often. The good thing is that they come for free.

• Use A Fan

Blower fans can get the job done but they can turn out to be very costly. The job of a blower fan is to dry out your space without requiring any manual work. Household fans can also be used but they aren’t as efficient as blower fans.

To be on the safe side, make sure to brush off your car before you bring it in the garage. Also, ensure to provide proper drainage so that water does not stand in the garage. 

It can be very difficult to manage garages that do not have a proper drain system. Moreover, garages with a sloped floor can also be tricky to deal with. Get your garage inspected to ensure it meets all the requirements.

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