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How Much Snow Should Illinois Expect This Winter?

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Heads up Illinois! This is why you should clean snow from your driveway.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac in its long-range winter forecast has predicted that northern Illinois and the Chicago area can expect “more wet than white” weather this winter. Far western Illinois and southern Illinois are likely in for weather that’s “not so cold, not too wet”. For forecasting purposes, the almanac has divided the United States into seven zones. And Illinois comes under zone 2 that is the ‘cold and very flaky’ zone.

If you’re a fan of cold and snow, you’re probably already counting down the days.

That’s great! But if you’re a savvy homeowner, you may also be looking for snow melting solutions that are effective and safe. The beautiful white snow can be dangerous if not cleared from the pavements and driveways. The fluffy and soft snow, when turns into a treacherous layer of ice, can be extremely slippery and lead to serious slip and fall accidents. 

In this article, we will discuss some quick and easy ways to clean your driveway and get rid of the snow.

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1- Manual removal of ice

One of the ways to clean your driveway is shoveling it away. Although it is a safe method of removing ice, it’s not efficient since it involves labor and takes time as well. Moreover, if you are dealing with a frozen layer of ice, then shoveling it away becomes difficult and can cause severe injuries due to slip & fall accidents. However, if you still decide to stick with this method, then shovel early and frequently before the fluffy, soft snow turns into hard and slippery ice.

2- Using ice melt/ salt

Safe Paw Ice Melter

Another popular way to clean the driveway is using salt or ice melt. But, most of the common brands in the market use chemicals that pose serious problems for your driveway, garden, and pets. Chloride based salts are detrimental to the concrete of your driveway and damages it. Salt is slightly acidic, and the acidity breaks down the chemical bonds essential to concrete’s strength.

Another thing that makes the situation worse is that most concrete in driveways is reinforced with steel, and salt quickly corrodes steel.

The best solution to this problem is using a safe ice melter for new concrete that is chloride-free and non-corrosive in nature.

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3- Pre-treating the surface

Don’t wait until the storm hits. Pre-treating surfaces with a good ice melt for new concrete can prevent the snow from sticking to the surface. After the fall, whether you’re cleaning the snow manually or using ice-melt, it takes lesser effort and time if you have pre-treated surfaces.

4- Using traction agents

Apart from using a safe ice melt for new concrete, another way of making your driveway less slippery and dangerous is by using a traction agent. Although a traction agent doesn’t clean the snow, it increases the friction and prevents the chances of slip and fall accidents. Some of the natural traction agents are sand, wood shavings, sawdust, and kitty litter. However, there are traction agents in the market that are more effective and 100% chemical-free. 

Looking for a more chemical-free, natural ice melter for new concrete that is safe and effective to use this winter? Check them out here.

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