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Are You Using Too Much Salt On Your Commercial Driveway?


You have started noticing slight discoloration of your driveway concrete, and you have been wondering what to do! Unfortunately, there is a high chance your ice melt is not working the way it should and is causing you more harm than good. 

Any commercial or non-commercial ice melt has two primary functions- melt ice and keep you and your vehicle safe to move. If these two intents don’t meet successfully, there is a high chance of you spending more than you want to every winter or post-winter. 

Safe Thaw - Commercial Ice Melt

Whether you buy the ice melt in bulk or small quantities, you know you have overapplied, if you notice – 

  • Cracks on the concrete around the driveway. 
  • Concrete settling and giving way to uneven walking and driving surface. 
  • Discoloration of the concrete because of the ice melt residue. 
  • Whitish residue around plants and vegetation due to excessive salt or chloride deposit. 
  • Excessive brine or slush that sticks to your boots or shoes. 
  • Patchy surface all over your commercial establishment because of spreading ice melt unevenly.

How Can You Avoid Ice Melt Overuse? 

Before we get to this, you must know the types of ice melt available in the market. These are in liquid, granular, or pellet form. 

– Calcium chloride

– Potassium chloride 

– Magnesium chloride 

– Rock salt / sodium chloride

– Blends 

– Carbonyl compounds 

– Homemade ice melt products

Each of the ice melt in bulk has unique properties that many commercial establishments across the country use. 

– Always follow the instructions mentioned at the back of the jar, bag, or bucket. 

– Most ice melt should be applied before a snowstorm and after a snowfall to help melt it faster. 

– Use liquid ice melt before a snowfall only as it is ineffective after a snowfall. 

– Most granular and pellet form ice melt generate exothermic heat, and very few ice melt, such as Safe Thaw, generate endothermic heat directly from the sun. 

– The measuring cups or spreaders are readily available at your nearest retail store. These will help in spreading the ice melt evenly. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Salt Free Ice Melt you can trust


100% Salt-Free, Chloride-Free, And Environment-Friendly Ice Melt 

Safe Thaw has unique endothermic properties with all-organic ingredients ideal for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. In addition, they are available in large quantities in wholesale to help you budget your monthly or quarterly expenses. 

It is formulated to perform in challenging situations and is perfectly safe around any metallic equipment because of its non-corrosive or non-conductive properties. As a result, you need to use ½ of what you would typically use with salt.  


We understand the anxiety when you see any cracks developing on your concrete surface or the rusting of your vehicles due to constant exposure. However, the long-term effects of the ice melt are pretty painful and expensive. 

Safe Thaw helps you wade through harsh winters without worrying about your concrete, metal, asphalt, roof, surface, etc. Since it is biodegradable, it is not harmful to pets and plants either. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Salt Free Ice Melt you can trust


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