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A Closer Look At The March 2023 Blizzard: Safe and Reliable Ice Melting Solutions

How To Melt Ice During Heavy Snow

After what many people in the I-95 corridor, especially south of New York City, are describing as a snowless winter, people are wondering what the rest of March will bring: will we see a March Blizzard of 2023?  After all, March has featured some of the largest blizzards of the year. The overnight model run of the American GFS computer forecast model gave snow lovers some hope, depicting a massive area of low pressure on the east coast, whipping up high winds and blanketing the east coast with snow from the Carolinas into New England. The afternoon run of the same model backed-off such a storm, but having a blizzard in March isn’t that far out of the question.


Removing snow from sidewalks is essential for your mobility and the safety of others. The slippery pavements are dangerous and can cause injuries. While it’s easy to ignore and leave it unattended, it may result in costly lawsuits and serious injuries for your family and loved ones. You may also think that the concrete is durable until it is suddenly not.

From organic and concrete safe ice melt products to homemade solutions, you need to figure out your best solution and prepare yourself accordingly.

Concrete Safe Ice Melt

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Safe Paw

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Tips On How To Melt Ice On Concrete

Best Ice Melt For Concrete

A layer of sealer applied to the top of the concrete can protect it from freeze/thaw cycles, dirt stains, ice melt salts, oil, and other impurities. While concrete appears to be sturdy and substantial, its porosity makes it highly vulnerable.

Ice Melt For New Concrete

Taking care of new concrete is similar to caring for a child. The first few days are crucial and necessitate special attention and safety. Pouring new concrete has a significant impact on its strength. Ice melt should not be used on fresh concrete, according to experts.

The majority of ice melts on the market contain chlorine in one form or another. Ice melt made of salt or chemicals is not only bad for the environment, but it is also bad for pets.

Safe Paw Dog Safe Ice Melt

You can use a deicer that is salt-free and chloride-free that works gently on the concrete. They are as effective when used at low temperatures. Another advantage of salt-free deicers is that they have a Teflon effect that prevents ice from forming. This technique provides an undetectable layer on the deiced surface. It makes shoveling easier after your floor has been purged of frozen deposits.

How To Melt Ice On Concrete

The use of too much rock salt or chemical ice melt can damage your concrete. The easiest method to avoid this is to use a non-toxic ice melt suitable for concrete, which will not hurt you if you use it too much. Colored ice melt might help you spread the melt evenly across the area and avoid overusing it.

How To Melt Ice On Sidewalk Without Salt

Patch and seal all of the cracks and gaps on the concrete surface. By this, you can protect your concrete from the effects of snowfall. Start by using a flexible sealant to fill in cracks. A flexible sealant will form a watertight connection with the concrete surfaces while also visually blending in.

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Is There Any Safe Ice Melt That You Can Use On Bricks?

Yes, there are. There is non-chloride, cement-safe ice melt available in the market that is non-toxic, pet-friendly, and non-corrosive. These are safe to use on bricks and are the best ice melt for the driveway as they act as pre-treatment also. Some ice melt can prevent ice from sticking to surfaces for up to three days, making it easy to clear the snow later.

Since this ice melt is chloride-free and salt-free, it do not cause efflorescence or leave crystal deposits. They are also safe for plants & vegetation and pets.

Often our walkways, patios, and even driveways are made of bricks. Choosing the best ice melt for a driveway can help you extend its lifespan. So, look for an ice melt that will keep melted ice in a liquid state for a longer duration. It means that ice melt will not refreeze as easily or as often, thus preventing the freeze-thaw cycle.

Gaia Enterprises Inc. delivers 100% pet-safe and environmentally friendly winter products. Safe Paw, our flagship product, is the #1 selling pet-safe ice melt that does not harm pets, safe if ingested, and safe on all types of concrete.

Keeping Your Roof Safe From Ice Dams

Ice dams are caused by the water from melting snow that builds up on a roof and freezes to the top edge. This ice then forms dams, blocking the flow of water into downspouts or gutters. As a result, water backs up under your shingles and leaks into your home.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It provides protection from rain, sun, and more, but it also keeps you safe from ice dams. Ice dams form when water melts on top of your roof and then refreezes in place as temperatures drop again. 

There are simple ways you can avoid ice dams on your roof and keep your home safe. The first and most important thing is to use a safe salt alternative. For your shingles, aluminum acetate is not the solution.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Safe Ice Melting Product For Your Yard

You might use an eco-friendly ice melt, such as Safe Paw, widely accessible on the market. It is environmentally friendly and one of the safest ice melt for pets and plants. This natural urea-based ice melt will not harm your greenery; on the contrary, it will aid in their growth during the harsh winter months. Safe Paw is one of the most trusted ice melts and has no known adverse effects. 

Choosing A Pet Safe Ice Melt

When pets venture outside, they are bound to expose their paws and bodies to the ice melt. Because of the high chloride concentration, regular contact with ice melt can cause cracking or abrasions in their feet. As a result, they experience a strange burning feeling and moan in pain. 

They will almost certainly lick some salt to keep their paws clean. It might raise the salt level in their body. Hence, using natural and organic ice melt products like Safe Paw is preferable. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Safe Paw is an ice melt safe for grass and made up of traction agents that help prevent falls and slides. If you’re still making Google queries like safe ice melt near me, consider trying Safe paw. It contains natural ice melt ingredients with two-fold effects. First, its unique formula makes it the best ice melt for concrete, decks, roofs, plants, pets, homes, and the environment.

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