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6 Common Ice Melt Myths & Facts

Ice Melt Myths & Facts

As a homeowner, you likely experience the joys of winter weather regularly. It’s easy to forget that not everyone lives in a climate where snow and ice are part of everyday life. If you’ve ever wondered how to use ice melt products or what types might be available for your home, read on for some answers!

MYTH: All Ice Melt Products Are The Same.

Ice melt products are not all created equal. There are differences between each type of product. Some ice melts may provide the best ice melting but have chemicals such as sodium chloride or calcium chloride. These chemicals can harm the environment when washed into waterways and lakes. This can happen even if you sweep the granules before they get wet.

FACT: There Is More Than One Type Of Ice Melt Product.

Some types are meant for use on concrete. Other products are designed for wood decking materials or flooring surfaces in garages and porches. Some products aim to provide the best ice melting and clear snow from existing ice when temperatures drop below freezing. 

Others work best when used on new snowfall.

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MYTH: Ice Melt Is Harmful To Pets.

Some ice melts contain sodium chloride, which can be harmful to pets. If you have pets prone to eating random things, make sure you use the best ice melt safe for dogs.  Keep them indoors until the surface has become safe again.

FACT: Any Ice Melt That Melts Ice Efficiently Will Contain Some Form Of Corrosive Material To Eat Away The Ice.

If you’ve ever used ice melt, you know that it’s not necessary to clean up the mess left behind. But what exactly is this corrosive material that eats away ice?

The short answer is salt- sodium chloride (NaCl). 

 When you apply sodium chloride to your driveway, sidewalk, or any other surface, it immediately breaks down the ice into tiny particles. These particles of ice then melt faster because they’re smaller than before. 

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MYTH: All Ice Melt Works Quickly On New Snowfall.

The truth is that ice melt is designed to work when it’s already been laid down. New snowfall won’t melt as quickly because there’s no pre-existing ice to help accelerate the process. Choose the right ice melt —one that works well on existing accumulations of frozen precipitation.

FACT: You Can Improve The Efficiency Of Your Ice Melt By Applying It As Soon As Possible After Fresh Snowfall.

The sooner you apply ice melt, the better it will work. The salt that’s in your ice melt can’t be absorbed by the snow and ice when it’s applied after a fresh snowfall has melted. Instead, it just sits on top of the ground and doesn’t provide any benefit to your walkway or driveway.

Apply smaller amounts over time rather than one large amount all at once so that all your walkways are covered with an even layer of ice melt (instead of having some areas with too much salt).

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We hope this article has helped you better understand the many myths about ice melt and its benefits to your home and property. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us.

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