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5 Commonly Used Household Items That Can Make Your Dog Sick

Safe Paw Ice Melter Pet Safe

If you are a dog owner, you must know how naughty dogs can be. They’ll eat anything, from the shoe lying in the corner to your office documents. While some of these goods are ‘safe’, some can be toxic and result in serious consequences. While buying an ice melt, it is necessary to check whether the ingredients in it are safe for your beloved pets or not.

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Let’s have a look at five such items:

#1 Ice Melt

We sell ice melt and we can tell you that they can be toxic if you do not purchase a dog-safe ice melt. Let’s revisit some basic science lessons.

Most ice melt on the market, including some that come with the ‘dog-safe ice melt’ tag, contain hazardous chemicals or compounds that can result in toxicity, allergic reactions, and even cancers.

Traditional ice melt is composed of calcium chloride and other such salts that are known to be toxic in nature.

Stepping on ice melt that contains such chemicals can result in blisters. Since dogs love to lick, these chemicals can quickly enter their body and cause more harm.

But, this doesn’t mean that all ice melt is bad. You need to look for a dog-safe ice melt such as Safe Paw that is guaranteed to be 100% safe for animals.

Our salt-free, chlorine-free, and acetate free formula works well and is safe even if ingested.

Know more about Safe Paw Ice Melt and why it’s a good option.

#2 Pesticides

Something that’s bad for pests can’t be good for dogs. Pests are a nuisance; they destroy gardens, dig up yards, and contaminate food.

While pesticides are effective at keeping pests under control, the problem is that they can harm dogs as well. Pesticides are known to cause seizures, tremors, and intestinal necrosis in dogs.

Since pesticides are designed to attract pests, they also end up attracting dogs. To be safe, keep your pets away from pesticides. 

#3 Onion

If your dog is in the habit of swallowing everything then you have to be extra careful as onions contain N-propyl disulfide, a toxic that causes a breakdown of red blood cells and is known to be a leading cause of anemia in dogs.

#4 Chocolate

Safe Ice Melt For Pets

We love chocolate but the problem is that it can be bad for your dog. Some dog owners make the mistake of offering chocolate as a treat to their pets without realizing the risks.

Chocolate ingestion can cause health issues and while they’re usually mild, it’s still important to be careful.

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, a toxin that can cause digestive issues. So, keep chocolates away from your pet dogs (and cats) even if they love it.

#5 Medicines

Medicines designed to save human lives are poison for dogs. Something as common as ibuprofen and Tylenol can be lethal. Make sure to always keep medications in special containers that your pets cannot reach. 

Since it isn’t possible to do without these products, it’s important that you buy the right thing, such as our dog safe ice melt, and ensure that you keep all hazardous goods in the right place.

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