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Road Salt Substitute Alternatives


When the weather gets colder and heavy snows start coming, it is of the utmost importance for road crews to clear roads for travelers. The amount of rain-related accidents and deaths tremble in comparison to those related to snow. Snow is great news for those who love the outdoors and snow sports but is incredibly hazardous for those who travel. When snow starts falling most road crews get out their snow plows and road salt to melt the ice and snow. This system works great and has immediate gratification except for when it comes to the environmental effects of the road salt.

Environmental Harm

Road salt is incredibly harmful to the surrounding environments, especially in the water supply. For water life, it can cause extreme complications and harm because of its delicate disposition. Water creatures need clean water to filter through their systems, not water infected with sodium chloride. Road salt also harms vegetation by preventing growth on the side of roads. This desolation can go up to 650 feet away from the roadside. Road salt also hurts animal life because it acts as a salt lake for big game like elk and deer. What happens when elk go near the road and cross it? They run an incredibly high risk of getting hit by a car, killing themselves and families.

How It Hurts Us

There are many different ways that road salt hurts people. Having water high in sodium chloride not only affects the taste of the water but also can hurt those who have and struggle with high sodium levels. This is known as salt pollution and is becoming more of a problem the longer road salt is being used. The salt that once saved lives from dangerous driving conditions is now risking lives by being present in communities’ watersheds. This kind of pollution is dangerous and also incredibly expensive to clean out.

The Alternative

There is an alternative to using road salt and preventing any kind of pollution and it’s called Safe Paw. Safe Paw is a fantastic road salt substitute/road salt alternative because it is made using a modified crystalline amide core which is then mixed with a unique glycol mixture and added traction agents. This road salt alternative has all of the benefits of road salt and more.

Because of its clean components, this not only melts ice and snow, but also is environmentally safe and considered the best road salt substitute. It won’t pollute the local water well or attract any kind of animals to the road. What it will do is melt the ice and snow and keep roads safe for driving. It has been proven to be safe around all animals and people as well as on vegetation. Forget about bare ground on the roadsides because now there is nothing preventing growth!

Safe Paw works in two different stages. First, the crystal core works by penetrating ice and hard packed snow to destabilize its hold on asphalt and concrete making it a great road salt alternative. By doing this it speeds up the melting process, which makes it a fantastic road salt substitute. Secondly, Safe Paw leaves a layer that prevents snow and ice from covering or forming for up to three days, all while providing traction.

There really isn’t a question on which is better!

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