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Is It Safe To Use Salt On Concrete?

Ice Melt That Does Not Damage Concrete

In just a few days, the festival season will start in the United States, and so will be the snow season. There will be snow everywhere around you, and you’ll begin trying to remove it or melt it to protect your property and family. 

But here’s a catch, sometimes the product you use to protect your property and family is the most harmful thing for them.

Didn’t understand? I am talking about Salt.

Most people still use Salt to melt snow in the winter season, but they don’t know how harmful Salt can be for the concrete. 

In this article, we’ll talk all about the same.

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Is It Safe To Use Salt On Concrete?

The fact is concrete is a porous material that absorbs water very quickly. During winters, snow gets deposited on the roads and driveways. While snow isn’t harmful to the concrete, what is harmful are the deicers like Salt

But How Does Salt Damage Concrete?

It’s vital to know what it is if we use rock salt for melting ice. When you use excessive rock salt to melt the ice, the extra Salt used can end up anywhere and harm the concrete. For example, if it stays on a concrete surface, it can recrystallize in the surface’s pores, which will lead to chipping and spalling. This process of recrystallization is known as subflorescence. 

Also, if the Salt gets into cracks and stays there, the metals used inside the concrete can rust and corrode. Once rust and corrosion starts, it pushes out the surrounding concrete, leading to cracks and spawnlings in the surface. 

Some of the other harmful salt-based ice melts include- ice melt magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, Potassium chloride, etc. 

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So What To Use If Not Salt?

Now that you know that Salt can be harmful to your concrete and the living being, your next concern must be what to use if not Salt?

There is an ice melt that does not damage concrete. Safe Paw is one of the most trusted ice melts that is 100% safe for the concrete and the environment. It’s easy to use and affordable. 

How To Use An Ice Melt?

When you’re ready with the ice melt of your choice and believe that it won’t harm your concrete, the best time to use it is even before the snowfall comes. The reason is that when you use an ice melt before the snowfall, it doesn’t let the snow get deposited after the snowfall. In this way, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into removing or melting the snow. 

Also, before you start using an ice melt, do read the instructions first and then follow the recommended process. In this way, you’ll be able to understand how much ice melt is needed for melting the snow.

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To Conclude-

While Salt may seem an easy-to-use ice melt that is affordable and easily available, you need to know that it isn’t the right now. Many people use ice melt magnesium chloride, but whenever you ask an expert, they will always suggest you stop using Salt. Find a good ice melt and let your concrete stay new for years

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