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5 Tips That Make Winter Easier

Ice Melter Safe For Concrete

Ice is not just a minor annoyance, it can end up causing serious problems if not taken care of. It weakens the structure, destroys lawns, ruins cars, and can even make humans and animals sick. This is why people regularly look for ice melt for new concrete so that they don’t have to worry about removing ice.

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This is very important because your insurance might not always cover the damage. To help solve this problem, here are some tips that can make winters easier:

#1 Remove or Melt Ice Dams From Your Roof

It is common for water to freeze, melt, and then refreeze resulting in the creation of ice dams on the roof. This can be a risky situation as ice dams can cause leaks and weaken the roof. 

A reliable way to deal with this problem is to add insulation to your attic so that this icy cold water cannot seep in.

#2 Take Care Of Your Lawn

Take steps to protect your shrubs and trees to ensure they soldier through the weather. 

Do not make the mistake of pruning trees or adding fertilizers during the snow season as it encourages growth, which a tree might not be able to handle due to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, you can use anti-desiccant to lock water into bushes and trees.

#3 Make Sure To Clean Gutters And Pipes

This might not sound like a big deal but it can make a huge difference. Ending up with blocked gutters or pipes can be very troublesome as it can lead to flooding, which is not only costly to deal with but also damaging to the structure of your property.

The key lies in clearing your gutters and pipes before the snow season as they’ll have to work hard once it begins to snow. Also, ensure that gutters take water in the right direction; it should be at a distance of 10 feet or more from the foundation.

#4 Treat Or Cover Your Outdoor Furniture 

While it is best to bring your outdoor furniture inside, we understand that it might not always be possible. Hence, consider using shade to cover your furniture. Moreover, you can choose to coat your furniture with wax. It can provide metal furniture with a layer of extra protection.

#5 Clean And Melt Ice From Your Deck And Driveway

This might sound like a strange tip but we suggest that you clean your deck and driveway before it snows as snow can cause stains and food to seep deep into the surface and cause damage.

While you can use ice melt products to get rid of snow, it will not remove stains, hence it’s best to be careful.

Many Problems – One Solution: Use The Right Ice Melt

The best option is to invest in a reliable ice melt for new concrete that works on all surfaces and causes no damage to your property or the people around you. 

Our product is 100% safe and contains no salts or harmful elements. It stays for up to 72 hours and is quite affordable. Go here to have a look and order online.

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