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What’s The Difference? Snow Blower Vs. Snow Thrower

Types Of Ice Melters

It’s that time of the year when children start preparing for the snow and festivals, and adults start preparing to save themselves from the snow. While there are many ways of removing snow, like using different ice melters, one of the most popular ways is to use machines to blow snow.

We are talking about snow blowers but wait, aren’t snowthrowers supposed to do the same job?

Well, the job of these machines is probably the same, but they aren’t the same.

In this article, we’ll discuss the significant differences between a snowblower and a snowthrower and also help you choose the right method to remove snow. 

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When we talk about power, a snow blower is a winner. The reason behind this is that while a snow thrower is a single-stage machine, it gathers all the snow in a particular area and tosses it out in just one move. A snowblower works in two or three stages. In a two-stage snowblower, the two-stage units break and scoop up the snow with a drill. After that, the snow is then passed to the impeller, which blows it through the chute. 

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The three-stage snow blower also works similarly. The snow goes through two additional augers at the end before it gets discarded to the side. 


Snow throwers are smaller in size than snowblowers. The single-stage, while better at removing snow, does not throw snow as far as a two-stage model. Also, two-stage snow blowers are bigger in size and more powerful. Some of them can also be up to 50 feet with relative accuracy. 

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Two-stage snow blowers are additionally more extensive, loaning themselves to having the option to take fewer passes to clear an enormous region and are, for the most part, suggested for individuals who have more than a walkway to clear. They additionally have taller intakes, making them ready to deal with deep snowdrifts.

Easy To Store

Corded and battery-operated snow throwers are smaller machines that don’t take up many areas in a garage or shed, whereas some gas-powered two- and three-stage snow blowers are nearly as large as a garden tractor need a big area for storage. This is because they don’t use fuel; battery-operated and corded snow throwers don’t require the storage of flammable gasoline. Also, a gas-powered engine must be regularly checked from time to time, which includes checking and adding oil when necessary and changing the gas filter and spark plug annually.

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To Conclude-

So these were the primary differences between a snowblower and a snow thrower. While these are both good options for removing snow, the best idea is to use ice melts. There are several types of ice melters out there; you need to choose an ice melt safe for pavers. Safe Paw is one of the best ice melts available out there, and it’s 100% safe for children, animals, and the environment. 

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