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What To Use Instead Of Salt On Concrete

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You don’t have to let ice and snow ruin your concrete sidewalk. It’s a simple process to remove ice from concrete, but you need to be prepared and take the right steps. For instance, it’s important that you first identify what kind of material your sidewalk is made out of, because different types of materials require different methods for removing ice or snow. You also need to keep in mind that not all surfaces are created equal when it comes to removal of snow. If you’re wondering what to use instead of salt on concrete, we’ve got you covered.

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What to use instead of salt on concrete


Shoveling can be tiring, but if you have the tools to do it, it can be one of the effective ways to remove ice from your concrete sidewalk. Shovels with sharp edges will cut through the ice and break it up into smaller pieces that are easier to remove.

Rock salt

If you’ve got a concrete sidewalk and you’re worried about ice, rock salt is not the solution. Yes, salt melt ice but it is corrosive to concrete, which means it can damage your concrete and make it more susceptible to future damage. It also poses a risk to anyone who walks on the sidewalk with bare feet or delicate shoes, as it can cause serious physical harm if it gets into cuts or blisters.

So, What to use instead of salt on concrete?

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Safe Paw is a non-toxic, non-chemical ice melter that melts ice quickly and safely. It is safe to use on concrete and asphalt, including concrete sidewalks. Safe Paw is biodegradable and won’t harm pets or plants when used as directed. It’s also environmentally friendly, meaning that it won’t pollute the water supply or contribute to global warming.

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Ice melt, calcium chloride, or magnesium chloride

Though calcium chloride is the more common option for those looking for a quick solution it can be detrimental if used on concrete sidewalks as it tends to discolor the concrete over time. Magnesium chloride also has this effect but not as severely as its counterpart. 

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So there you have it, a few ways to get rid of ice from your concrete. 

We hope that we were able to help you with your questions on what to use instead of salt on concrete. If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments below and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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