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Use Safe Thaw? Here’s The Review


Safe Thaw - Industrial Ice Melt

When was the last time you consciously invested in an ice melt that was safe for your premises but immediately second-guessed your choice? Unfortunately, it happens to many of us, and it can get overwhelming, especially if winters are fast approaching. 

While scouting the market for the safest ice melt for new concrete, we came across this fantastic product, and it actually worked! We read the reviews on various online sites before finalizing our purchase, and this is how it worked for us. 

Unlike other ice melt products that claim to be safe for brick, cement, and concrete, Safe Thaw proved safe for all of them. It kept our concrete from eroding and also did not harm our watch dogs. We understand the pain of maintaining large establishments and commercial premises. There is a lot of thought about purchasing a product that would be safe for all purposes. The following is our two cents of using the product- 


It is 100% chloride and salt-free, including rock salt, and is safe to handle. It comprises an eco-friendly dual compound modified crystalline amide core infused with non-ionic surfactants accelerants and proprietary traction agents. 

Contrary to many beliefs, rock salt is not safe for concrete and can damage it. In addition, if you have dogs watching over the premise as we do, it can get tricky to find a dog safe ice melt. Likewise, any type of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, or chloride in general, is not safe for you, your animals, or the environment. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Salt Free Ice Melt you can trust



The beauty of this product is that we did not need to use a lot of it. The critical point is not to overuse it and keep it restricted to the areas you want to use it. For example, we sprinkled it on the pathways, concrete yard, and the stairs of our premises and did not see the concrete damaged. 

The product comes with a clear instruction manual and a sprinkler that eases spreading the ice melt. 

Product Guarantee

The instruction manual carefully states we need to use the product cautiously on precast concrete and concrete with any decorative finish. In other words, the disclaimer clearly states not to use the product on concrete cast less than 12 months old

Since the product is colored, it is easy to figure. We kept a regular check on any damage in and around our premises. For those concerned about the safety of the product, we highly recommend Safe Thaw


As a business, we can safely say that this product was a blessing in disguise. Our customers and staff never complained of a slippery surface; our vehicles did not skid, nor was there any residue on our shoes. Fortunately, a few of our friends, who have their businesses and keep dogs as well, went on to purchase this dog safe ice melt and never looked back.

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