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This Will Change How You Think About Rock Salt

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Rock salt is a great option for treating icy sidewalks, driveways, and steps. It’s also inexpensive and easy to find. Here are five facts about rock salt as an ice-melting agent that every homeowner should know:

Temperature for snow

As you may have guessed, the temperature of rock salt is often a deciding factor in its use for deicing. In fact, there is no exact science to what temperature the rock salt should be at when applied to ice and snow. The optimal range for rock salt’s effectiveness as a deicer lies between 5°F and 30°F. 

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Rock salt is toxic to plants and animals. 

It can also be harmful to humans, especially if you get it in your eyes. Rock salt can cause skin irritation and damage concrete, asphalt, and metal surfaces.

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Cold temperatures limit the effectiveness of rock salt

Rock salt is effective in temperatures above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but it loses its effectiveness in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature falls below zero degrees Fahrenheit, rock salt is not effective at all.

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The Best Deicer Isn’t Salt at All

Rock salt is cheap and easy to find, but it can cause damage to natural stone surfaces like concrete slabs because it’s abrasive. It also doesn’t melt ice as quickly as other types of deicers do. Rock salt is just one of many deicers available to you. It has been used for centuries and remains the most commonly used deicer today. However, there are other options you may want to consider if you have an environmentally friendly preference.

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So, now you know everything about the temperature for snow. Rock salt is an effective deicer, but it can also cause damage to your landscape and driveways. If you are thinking about using rock salt as a deicer this winter, be sure to check out these facts first!

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