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Removing Ice Melt Residue: Why And How

Environmentally Friendly Deicer

Here’s a fact, every year, the number of accidents is caused due to ice and snow. That’s why using an environmentally friendly deicer has become crucial. However, while ice melts can reduce the risk up to a great extent, leave your entry or hallway filled with white streaks. 

These residues not only look hazy and dirty but also affect the floor finish and damage the surface. To avoid this and have a clear-looking snow-free surface, you’ll need to follow some steps that we’ll discuss in this article.

How To Remove Ice Residue From The Floor-

Step 1: Remove floor mats

A mat at the entry will stop the majority of contaminants such as ice melt, salts, soils, and water from getting into your house. However, ice melt residue can get beyond the entryway and seep under the mat even with a sound matting system.

So to avoid the residues, you need to remove the mats from the area that needs to be cleaned. If you try to clean with the mat around you, you’ll end up having some residue on the floor. This, in turn, will damage the floor and the floor finish. 

Environmentally Friendly Deicer

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Step 2: Use the right ice melt

Choosing the proper ice melt is crucial because if you choose the wrong one, not just the residue but the ice melt can damage your floor to a great extent. So whether you choose a homemade ice melt for sidewalks or market-bought ice melt, make sure it’s a good quality ice melt and is safe for your floor. 

Safe Paw is one of the leading ice melt brands which is 100% safe and environment friendly. The brand has been trusted for over 20 years and doesn’t come with any side effects.

Step 3: Remove the debris

Once you’re done removing the mat and applying the ice melt, manually remove the debris so that it won’t be able to stay and damage anything. This might take some time and effort but is an essential part of the process.

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Step 4: Choose a floor neutralizer 

This is an essential part of the process; you need to use a floor neutralizer. Many chemical ice melts can react with floor cleaners and affect the floor. So to avoid this reaction, you need a floor neutralizer. 

These neutralizers are specifically for dissolving ice melt chlorides, soap, hard water films, and scum scale, along with other organic residues. Using a floor neutralizer, you’ll be able to clean the floor as well as avoid the reaction. 

Step 5: Apply the neutralizer in the right way

Just choosing the right floor neutralizer isn’t enough; you also need to apply it in the right way. So before you start using it, make sure you’ve read the instructions right.

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To Conclude-

So this is how you remove the ice residue and protect your floor every winter season. Just remember, it’s imperative to choose an environmentally friendly deicer and a good floor neutralizer

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