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Best Ice Melt For Decking In Markham

Ice Melt For Decking

The climate in Markham during February can be summarized as cold and reasonably dry. February in Markham is typically the 2nd coldest month of the year. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a freezing -3°C (27°F), while at night -11°C (12°F) is normal. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has predicted that here, precipitation and snowfall will be much above normal, with the snowiest periods in mid-December, early to mid-January, and early to mid-March.

Savvy homeowners from cities like Markham that have knee-deep snow are worried about cleaning snow and ice from their decks in the frigid weather. 

After all, your composite deck adds aesthetic value to your home. Maybe it’s the best corner in your home where you enjoy your family time.

Safe, Non Toxic Ice Melt

Safe Paw Non Corrosive Deicer

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In this article, let’s find out the best ice melt for your deck. 

1. Snow Joe –

Snow Joe contains calcium chloride as the main component. Calcium chloride is a harsh deicing salt. It’s not recommended on wooden surfaces. Calcium can lead to cracking on the deck because the wood shrinks and expands more than usual. It can also cause skin irritation and corrode concrete. 

2. Safe Paw –

Safe Paw is the only natural snow melter and has all-natural ingredients in its blend. It has a patented dual-effect compound and consists of a crystalline amide core which is infused with traction agents and glycol admixture. 

It is a natural snow melter and is free of all harmful chemicals, corrosive salts, and dyes. So, it is safe to use around pets. Since it is free from chloride, it is an ice melter that is concrete safe. Therefore it is safe for all types of decking also.

Safe Paw not only works quickly and melts the ice effectively, but it also prevents the snow from sticking to the surface for up to three days of its application.

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3. Green Gobbler –

Green Gobbler ice melt has rock salt as the main ingredient. Rock salt is essentially sodium chloride. 

Rock salt is an economical solution, but it’s not safe for your deck. Rock salt may leave a chalky residue on the deck, so it needs to be cleaned regularly after every use. Avoid using rock salt if you have children and pets, as it can cause gastrointestinal disorders when ingested.

4. Safe-Step –

Safe-step uses a blend of rock salt, magnesium chloride, and other salts.  According to a recent study, magnesium chloride can weaken tensile strength (property that affects cracking resistance and load-bearing capacity) by as much as 50 percent. 

Chloride components like calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, etc dissolve slowly. The slow dissolving rate also means that it remains on the deck for a longer duration. Moreover, chloride-based salts are detrimental to the deck and the metal holding it. 

5. Uline Ice Melt –

Uline has magnesium chloride in its bled. 

With rock salt, you can see there’s a problem because the symptoms are visible. But, in the case of the magnesium chloride, by the time you see something, it’s too late to fix it.

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