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Are Dog Boots Really Necessary During Winter?

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When the temperature drops below a certain degree Fahrenheit, dogs’ paws get sensitive. If your dog’s paws are exposed to the cold and ice, you may be wondering if they require boots. It depends on the dog’s cold tolerance, breed, and the length of time the dog will be outside. Usage of paw-safe ice melt like Safe Paw is essential for the dog’s safety. 

1-Protect The Dog Against Chemical Exposure.

Even if the weather isn’t particularly freezing, dog booties will protect your dog from de-icing products. Salt is sometimes used to melt ice and snow from sidewalks, but it is unhealthy for dogs to walk on because it sticks to their paws and they lick it off. To melt the ice, people may sometimes use deadly antifreeze. Your dog will be protected from these dangerous toxins if they are wearing boots. Use Safe Paw ice melter to keep your dog safe as it is salt and chlorine-free.

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Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

2-Protection Against Ice And Snow

Long-haired dogs would get clumps of wet snow stuck between their toes as it clung to their fur when they were outside in the bitter cold but moving at a fast pace. When the temperature gets closer to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes dangerous for your dog and its paws. To keep your dog safe, consider using Safe Paw ice melt. It is hundred percent environmentally friendly and salt-free. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


3-It’s Fun For The Dog To Play Outside

Dogs enjoy playing retrieve, but if they stop too abruptly on icy or snowy surfaces, their paws will scuff up and bleed. Rugged dog boots are an excellent alternative for canines like these. These are made to keep in place while a dog is running on a rough surface. They protect from the weather regardless of the terrain.

Wrapping Up

You can take additional actions for the safe paws of the dog. Safeguard your dog’s paws if you can’t find boots that fit well or if your dog refuses to wear them. You can use a paw-safe ice melt that is safe for your dog’s paws, such as a Safe Paw ice melter. As soon as they return inside, soak their paws in a dish of warm water for a few seconds before properly drying them. You can also trim the fur between their toes to assist decrease or prevent ice and snow accumulation, which can cut their paws or make them limp. Apply petroleum jelly or paw wax on your dog’s paws before he goes outside to help prevent broken paws.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Prepare to try on a lot of boots until you discover the ones that fit your dog’s delicate paws the best. Boots should be comfortable and not rub against a dog’s paws, and they must, of course, stay on the dog’s paws. Sled dogs that run long distances, dogs walking on surfaces covered in hazardous salt or ice-melting chemicals, and dogs with hairy paws that accumulate snowballs all benefit from boots.

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