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Roof At Grass Valley Business: Tips To Prevent Roof Collapse During Heavy Snowfall

Ice Melt For Roof

GRASS VALLEY – Rain and the weight of snow threatened buildings in Grass Valley, where some have already been red-tagged due to roof cave-ins or broken beams. 

Rain has the potential to make the situation, and vulnerable roofs stacked high with feet of snow, worse. 

“We’re gonna will it to happen, too. spring’s just around the corner,” said Penny Short, owner of Tess’ Kitchen Store. One of the store’s two locations in Grass Valley, located on Nevada City Highway, was closed due to a roof cave-in at a business in the same connected building. 

It was one of two buildings in the Fowler Shopping Center that, due to the weight of snow, were red-tagged and closed while crews shored up the cave-ins and removed snow from the flat roofs. 

“As retailers, we’ve all been pivoting since COVID hit in 2020. This is one more pivot, one more opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons,” said Short. 


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3 Simple Tips To Protect Your Roof From Collapse Due To SnowFall

Be Preemptive

Accumulation of snow on the roof not just causes problems but can worsen the existing ones. So, before the snow hits your roof, make sure to test your roof for any cracks or crevices, hanging tree branches, and broken tiles. 

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Choose The Best Ice Melt

Are you using rock salt to melt the ice on your rooftop? Although it is one of the most popular ways of clearing snow from the rooftop, it certainly isn’t a good option. The reason is, sodium chloride contains corrosive oxidizing agents that are suited for removing ice, but it also damages shingles, nails, and other fittings. This, in turn, can adversely affect your rooftop and make it weak. 

Gaia Enterprises Inc. delivers 100% pet-safe and environmentally friendly winter products. Safe Paw, our flagship product, is the #1 selling pet-safe ice melt that does not harm pets, safe if ingested, and safe on all types of concrete.

Use Other Tools

In addition to using a good ice melter, you can also use snow removal rakes. Also, don’t use metal shovels that can damage the rooftop. Instead, use plastic shovels. Start removing the snow from the ridge and work down to the caves. Use roof fall harnesses and all the gears that can help you stay safe while doing it.  

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Use The Best Ice Melt

 You need an environmentally friendly ice melt that is salt-free, chloride-free, acetate free, and does not contain any toxins. This will ensure that your rooftop is safe. Several products in the market are comprised of traction agents that can prevent falls and slips. 

One such product is Safe paw. It has a modified crystal compound that has a dual effect when used. Safe Paw melts the ice and also provides adequate protection for your roof for over three days. It also contains a special mixture of glycol. Safe Paw is also salt-free, and the safety of use is guaranteed.

Safe Paw does not cause any harm to any material, whether concrete or brick, making it a practical and budget-friendly investment.


Ice accumulation + Ice dams + icicles + wrong ice melt products = Costly repairs and damage. 

Nothing matters more than investing your hard-earned savings in long-term returns. To help you avoid all these pitfalls, purchase the best ice melter for roofs today and enjoy a pleasant time tomorrow. 

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This winter, make sure to protect your rooftop from potential ice melt damage and use the best ice melt that is pet-safe, children-safe, and environmentally friendly ice melt. 

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