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How To Protect Your New Driveway Concrete From Ice Melt Damage

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For up to a year, your concrete is deemed new. Because fresh concrete is more sensitive to harm from cold and water, selecting the incorrect ice melt for new concrete might cause issues. 
When ice melts, it causes a chemical process that produces heat, melting the ice and snow. It also lowers the water’s refreezing temperature, preventing the freeze-thaw cycle. When ice melts and thaws, it seeps into the pores of your concrete. The refreezing and expansion of concrete can result in scaling, spalling, popouts, and even fissures. In the spring, this damage will necessitate pricey repairs. Therefore, it becomes an utmost necessity to get the safe ice melt for new concrete.

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Ice Melt For Concrete

Rock salt is the most frequent ice melt used on the concrete. It can only decrease the refreezing temperature by 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It means that when the temperature changes below 20 degrees, rock salt will thaw and refreeze, which can happen virtually daily in some regions. Hence, it is not the best ice melt for new concrete.

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The best way to preserve your concrete and extend its lifespan is to get an ice melt that will decrease the refreezing temperature. As a result, ice melt will not refreeze as easily or as frequently, halting the freeze-thaw cycle.

Here are some of the safe ice melts for your new concrete.

Kitty Litter

You can melt the ice with your cat’s kitty litter. Simply sprinkling it on your concrete driveway would suffice. It won’t work as quickly as other ice melts, and it might not work as well, but it’s a cheap option for pet owners. However, rubbish clings to shoes and is unsightly.

Crystalline Amide Core With Glycol

The liquid component of this mixture quickly begins to melt the ice by breaking the surface tension. The crystal core enters the ice and starts to destabilize it, hastening the melting process. It uses solar energy by attracting heat during the day and accelerating the Endothermic reaction, making it even more powerful. It is safe for new as well as old concrete as it can decrease the free-thaw cycle.

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Coffee Ground

Coarsely ground coffee can be used to melt ice on a concrete driveway. If coarsely ground, it will provide some traction. Extended use of your concrete driveway can create stains and, like kitty litter, can be messy.

Beet Juice

When beets and brine are combined with salt, ice melt is formed. Remember that beet juice alone (without salt) may not be very effective as an ice melt. It leaves a faint brown or crimson stain on your surface. In the spring, the sugar concentration might attract ants and insects. In a hard frost, it’s not as successful as other ways.

Heating Mats

If you prefer a low-maintenance option, heated snow-melting mats are a good choice. They necessitate the purchase of a power unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet. It is not only expensive to install but also adds to your monthly electricity bills.


It’s critical to find the best ice melt for concrete if you want it to last a long time without scarring. The best approach to protect your new concrete is to use an ice melt that reduces the refreezing temperature as much as possible.

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