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How To Avoid Ice Melt Concrete Damage


Unfortunately many people are injured every winter from slipping on the ice on their driveways and paths.  A very common means of removing this dangerous hazard is to use salt as a quick and easy solution. Others turn to one of the many ice melt products on the market before doing a little research. Regrettably, salt and some of the products that contain salt can cause additional problems and are not recommended as a safe and effective method of removing ice. Some of the dangers associated with using salt are:

Salt Damages Concrete

Over time, the salt will pit the cement and allow water to collect and freeze inside. Larger cracks will develop and potholes will damage the surface.

Salt Corrodes Metal

The metal furniture on your concrete patio or ornaments and metal gates will be damaged when coming into contact with salt.

Salt Damages Plants

The runoff of the salt into your garden beds will cause plant dehydration and block airflow, thus destroying a healthy garden.

A Danger to Pets

Ingesting too much sodium chloride is harmful to pets and licking paws that have been in contact with salt will increase the risk.

A Safe Alternative

If you want to be completely confident that you are using an environmentally friendly and safe ice melter, you need a product that has is a number one selling brand and comes endorsed with The PTPA Green Product Seal of approval. Safe Paw is the answer.

Perfectly safe around children and pets, Safe Paw can be sprinkled on walkways, driveways and paths from its easy and convenient 8lb shaker jug. There is no need to use gloves, goggles or masks as it is completely non-toxic.

It will not harm garden plants, shrubs, decking, outdoor furniture, patios will all be perfectly safe.

How Safe Paw Works

This unique product begins working immediately. The liquid component of the compound starts to melt the ice instantly by breaking the surface tension. Then the crystal core in the compound can penetrate and begin to destabilize the ice, speeding the melting process. It also takes advantage of solar energy by attracting heat during daylight hours and enhancing the Endothermic reaction thus making it even more effective with its melting capabilities. After the ice has melted an invisible shield is left to prevent ice from sticking to surfaces and will last for about three days to allow for easy shovelling and cleanup. Additionally, it contains a traction agent that helps protect against slips and falls.

Say goodbye to iced paths and driveways this winter. By using Safe Paw you can be confident that you have a totally effective solution that is easy to use as well as completely safe for children, pets and the environment.

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